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  1. Hi there, They sent a couple of emails proceeding this and no letters. After that I received no further communications from them. They clearly gave up, they have not even phoned me nor have I had anything else regarding the incident happen. Hope this helps you!
  2. Thanks for all the advice and I will now ignore them completely once more
  3. have received the response ( via email)"Thank you for your email received at our offices on 13 February 2015. We note that you would like no letters to be sent to your home address, therefore we have amended our records accordingly. From your email it would appear that you advise that no debt is recognised in relation to this claim. For clarity we confirm that you were observed selecting goods to a total of £6.78. You then left the store making no attempt to pay for the goods. When apprehended you advised the guard that you were aware this was theft. As a resul
  4. I have received my second letter. Stating that they will contact my parents. They said that if I felt this was not okay then I could email, phone or send a letter, I have sent them an email with the following "Hi there, I am emailing regarding the incident in Basingstoke on the 14th January with Superdrug. I understand your claim fully. However I acknowledge no debt to you nor to any company you claim to represent. Take notice that Under the Data Protection Act 1998, I refuse you permission to pass any of my details on to any other third party. Including my parents/guardians. I
  5. I have received my letter.it is indeed from Retail Loss Prevention. It States that I must pay £147 as per your insructions I plan to ignore it completely. It says on an additional piece of paper enclosed that they cannot let any third parties know of the incident because of the data protection act. I'm assuming this includes my parents? Also. Will they send me many more letters?
  6. as they didn't call the police while i was there could they still call them? or has their 'window' (as it were) closed?
  7. I will be turning 18 on April 20th... so not tooo far off. But far enough. and okay, the lady at superdrug said that the 'fine' will be sent via post and will arrive in about 2 weeks.
  8. It is a festival place shopping centre and the guard said that I could walk through it just not go into individual shops
  9. Also the superdrug guard never said I would be banned elsewhere that they may keep an eye on me but that it was up to them.so she didn't tell them to ban me
  10. The first was someone from superdrug and then a shopping Centre security guy talked to me and told me I wasn't to enter any shops.and I assume the superdrug guard told them?
  11. i took some small items from Superdrug. the total cost of them all would have been £10 or less. It was really stupid and my first offence. The security guard saw me and took me to a room, and asked if i had taken anything else. she then asked to see some ID (i used my provisional licence). She filled out 1 piece of paper. She told me that i would be getting a letter in the mail telling me about a fine i will have to pay between £50 and £150 (will the envelopes be obviously a fine from the outside? How many letters will they send? i don't want
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