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  1. Hi BankFodder. Thanks for your reply. i will study the guide and try to structure a response.
  2. Just a quick update. They have offered me £100 in full and final settlement. However, I want to reclaim all the charges because I really, really hate these guys (sorry) I can't find my original agreement though, so do i need to do a Subject Access Thingymeboby?
  3. Apologies I never got back sooner. I was with NPOWER for 3 years. Not sure if we had problems, my then partner dealt with the bills. I never knew a meter reading to be sent or taken. I don't remember us getting a final bill. I dispute the debt because it's for different amounts. 2 of the letters are for £190 and the third is for £202. Meaning the company have added charges when i'm still disputing the debt. Incidently, i had a follow up to my complaint I made to Fidelity Credit Management. Why would Wescot send it to an agent after only a week? Aren't they responsible for collecting the
  4. Not sure if i have the original, will try and dig it out. Thanks for your help guys xxx
  5. I did. I moved out and in to a new house. i really did think I had cleared all my outstanding debt from their.
  6. Hi BankFodder, THAT is interesting. The bill was far more than i expected, that's it really. How would I go about this? Would I just raise a complain, or would I issue a LBA or something? Still trying to get my head around the process. Thanks.
  7. Thanks dx I will do. Just one quick question. If i reclaim now, can they pull the finance and try getting the car back? Sorry if it's a basic question, just a bit nervous.
  8. It's approx 12 months old. The divvy who came out put a card through the door with his name number and amount owing on it.
  9. Hi All, i was after some advice. I have an outstanding debt with NPOWER, and since the 8th March 2015, have had 3 different letters off 3 different debt collection agencies over this same debt. One of them has even called at my house. Is this legal, can 3 firms chase the debt at once? I am not sure which one I should be paying because in a 3 week period, 3 companies have chased me over this debt. The companies are:- 1)Wescot 2)Fidelite Credit Management 3)Moorcrofts Thanks for any help.
  10. Hi sorry it took so long to get back on here. After dealing with my investigation, they have offered me £100 as a gesture of goodwill, but deny any wrongdoing or liability. Is this normal?
  11. Hi, Wow, what a quick reply. Thanks so much. not sure what it says yet, as my partner hasn't had chance to tell me. Payments are definitely all up to date, even though I have made some late like I said, but I accept full responsibility for paying them late. Can i reclaim some of them back? That would be awesome and help to clear my debt to them. Claire.
  12. Hi all, does anyone have any advice for me regarding Motonovo finance? These parasites, i'm sorry, they are, are hounding me via a debt collection company called Bluestone finance to contact them. I have made it clear i work as a nurse 8am-8pm and to contact me in writing or by email. So far, they haven't and just keep sending me emails to ring them. I am wanting to know what Bluestone want, as as far as I am aware, all my payments are up to date, albeit, I have been late, and they could be collecting charges. I had the same issue in October, when a different col
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