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  1. A little off topic but I don't want to start a new thread. What happened to Horwich Farrelly as a DCA. I have a CCJ supposedly with but I can't find out anything about it. Have tried Trustonline search which doesn't come back with anything. I just want to see what I still owe (if anything) and get it sorted. The CCJ is over 10 years old (been paying £4 per month) but I have no idea where that money is going or to who.
  2. I have a large number of accounts which are now statute barred (I'm debt free with a great credit score; fwiw). If I were to reclaim charges / PPI on these accounts would it restart the clock? Most accounts are now 10 years old. I'm happy with where I am but just an idle thought. Thanks
  3. That is at the back of my mind but Aktiv/PRA have held the debt for 8 years now. I can't see anyone really wanting to buy it given the length of time and its current status but as ever in this industry I've learnt to never say never. Aktiv/PRA were fully aware the debt was statute barred and just (as dx100uk suggests) spoofing. The last contact I had from them prior to this was 3 years ago (just before the 6 years was up) when they were offering a 90% write off. If they continue to contact me I'll send out the statute barred template as per this site.
  4. I spoke to PRA today (more accident than design) - as I though they were chasing up an old HSBC debt. I let the agent give me her spiel before replying 'I believe that debt to be statute barred'. She went quiet and asked me to hold whilst she checked their records. Upon coming back to the call she confirmed that to be the case and that she would up date records and remove my details from their chase list. If this is the case then I am pleasantly surprised - I was expecting a long drawn out process. However, we shall see - at least my credit fil
  5. Thank you for the reply. I'm not planning on doing anything until something in writing turns up although having to delete their voice mails daily may get tiresome! It just baffles me that they seem willing to start up another hounding campaign (I suffered badly previously resulting in suicide attempts due to the stress) despite getting nothing from me over the past 7 years plus. I am also concerned as to where they got my phone number as it is only given to trusted individuals. I'll see how it goes but I really don't want to go through the whole process o
  6. Yesterday I began receiving phone calls from a 0203 number, which turns out to be PRA Group Debt Collectors (Aktiv Kapitol). They are now bombarding me with calls (even the number is on auto reject) and automated voice mails requesting I call them. I used to have dealings with Aktiv over an old HSBC debt which passed in statute bared status over a year ago (if not longer). I won't answer these calls and will only deal with them in writing (if I have to contact them at all) but other than that what can I do? I am unable to pay off the debt (and it is unlikely I ever
  7. How do I find out the best address to send each SAR to? Looking at the Data Protection Register, HSBC have 20 plus addresses. Natwest have 5 or 6. Is there a list of the most common ones anywhere?
  8. Makes sense. All this debt stuff drives me a little insane. Thanks for your help, it all really appreciated.
  9. I will look into sending a SAR. If I can tie in the HFC with HSBC stuff that would good. Probably worth doing the same for Natwest and MBNA (although this one does feel like prodding the hornets nest somewhat).
  10. To be honest they were probably as above board as they were ever going to be. Then again, I didn't know as much about the system as I do now. The bump up in costs was mainly due to court fees and a lump sum for 'interest'. Although it could well have had PPI included, I really have no idea. Some of the other debts I had were made up of charges (I recall a £20 Natwest debt becoming close to £1000 this way). Plus there were loans (with HSBC for example) - even though the original accounts are going to be close to 10 years old, do they sti
  11. The very same. According to the court papers I found the CCJ was issued on the 3rd of May, 2008 so been paying them the princely sum of £4 per month since then. As the debt was bumped up to £1400 due to 'charges' I'm still a long way from ever getting near to paying it off. Reckon there is still best part of £1100 owing.
  12. As far as I know they were named on the CCJ action but I have no record of it. Nothing will be sent unless I have to (court action etc). Again, all of this just shows how murky the world of finance and debt is. Seems I'll have to go back to keeping my head down and existing on the fringes of society. Can't be dealing with playing the game for another goddamn who knows how many years. The maddening thing is that if they were less aggressive and actually listened to people they would probably recover more money.
  13. The CCJ is something I have always paid and will do until such a point I might be able to negotiate a settlement payment (assuming I can with a CCJ?). I seem to recall that Horwich (who hold the debt/CCJ) did offer me a reduced payment offer but this was a long time ago All other debts were only taken to defaults - from memory not a single company ever threatened to take any further action than this / send a man round!
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