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  1. Hello, I will keep it short. I bought a TV from JL in May 2018 I noticed a possible fault and have video evidence with dates etc so confirm it was within the 30 days and six months, I made a silly error of trying to put up with it as wasnt sure if it was a fault or that it was a characteristic of LCD TV's (I had a plasma) only down the line nearly six months later I am to find it was a faulty panel and a new panel for my TV was needed. I understand under the Consumer rights after 30 days but before six months I have to give the retailer a chance to repair if they think tha
  2. Well just an update. Finally received a reply from my email/letter telling me the £360 was what they paid for the phone. They also said they would accept my offer of £120 which has been paid and account now closed. Time to move on I think!
  3. Hi seeing as i have had a final demand letter and to save spamming would it be advisable/possible to move this to the legal forum in-case this thread is overlooked and someone there may be able to advise more. Also if I decide to pay the full amount of the demand in protest can I take them to a small claims court to try and get all or part of it back. I am prepared to pay some of it if it wasnt my phone which is debatable but as they are ignoring me I was thinking of paying all off it to stop it going to a debt recovery or court. I rang t-mobi
  4. Well sent letter of dispute asking to negotiate to which according to royal mail they have received today. I also received today a letter through the post exactly the same as the email asking for said debt to be paid, this time though it was broken down as £300 plus £60 VAT for the phone, a phone that is two years old discontinued and was only £279 on release and later reduced to £199. Earlier on I also received via email from A1 Comms a standard Final demand with no reference to my letter or previous email I sent asking to negotiate.
  5. Just checked online their CCA licence is pending. Application / Licence Details Licence Number: 0665883 Licence Status: Pending It would be interesting to know if "a company" should have a CCA when offering free goods subject to a contract but add in their T&C a clawback value for said goods if the contract is broken. Or even if its subject to a higher purchase agreement. I might be clutching here!
  6. I have found similar cases to mine but havent heard of them following through. I have Even emailed them to ask if a1 followed through but didnt get any replies. Yeh i agree with you on the other contract. they make it to fleece customers when most people buy out or downgrade their contracts especially now when money is tight.
  7. If this is two contracts as they say then contract one is a service contract so not subject to The CCA then what is contract two. ? If its a free phone that has a reclaim value within the term then will that be subject to the CCA?
  8. I told them that but they said thats fine but i hadnt fullfilled their 24 mth contract and broke their terms. I will email them a copy of the final bill and reiterate that i met the full term.
  9. Yes I did read your post hence why I posted my dilemma. Yours was cancelled due to signal but I cancelled mine, well bought out the contract. Say a contract is 24 months long and I ring the provider and ask how many months left and they say six. I then ask can I pay the remaining months and they say yes for "this amount" and I pay up in full then surely I have met the 24 month terms?
  10. I am still unsure if they are right I have as recommended by CAB emailed a letter with an offer for the average cost of the phone in todays market or a replacement phone but I will need to buy another phone. I have not heard anything back in relation to my offer received a new letter of demand instead this time headed A1 Comms, the other was headed buymobiles. Not sure if its being ignored so will have to post it recorded instead, sending Monday recorded. I have found the Sales of Goods Act 1982 which refers to supplying goods free during a contract b
  11. LETTER OF DEMAND PURSUANT TO THE CIVIL PROCEDURE RULES 1998 AND ANNEX B OF THE PRACTICE DIRECTION-PRE ACTION CONDUCT Dear We have been notified by your service provider T-Mobile that you have recently been disconnected. As a result, in accordance with our terms and conditions, which are fully particularised below, we now require you to pay to us the following sum, for the products provided; Amount due £360.00 or Return of Goods Return Address; A1comms Ltd (F.A.O The Collections Team) Contract House Turnpike Business Park Alfreton DE55 7AD Alternatively the g
  12. Hello, By searching google I can see this has happened to a number of people however there hasnt been any conclusion so here is my problem and not sure where I stand. Out of the blue I received a shocking & demanding email from buymobiles asking me for £360 or return of goods within 7 days as, as they say I have been disconnected from T-Mobile. In April 2013 I followed a link from HDUK for a Nexus 4 at £15.50 a month with a free phone. I took up this offer and received said phone and paid T-Mobile every month however on the 18 month due to the small amount of
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