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  1. Maybe WHICH should look at their own terms and conditions. I signed up for a free trial then within the time frame decided I didn't want it, so emailed and said please cancel. Strangely I am now receiving monthly mags and being charged £10 a month for a 12month contract. Why? I didn't use the correct procedure You're supposed to ring a particular number. Try finding that on your log in page.
  2. Then it is just a waiting game and will let everyone know what comes next. Cheers.
  3. So just as a matter of interest, does this type of behavior ever end??? Or do the just carry on, with the hope they will wear people down so they pay just to get rid of them? Thanks for the supporting words.
  4. Hi all again. Have just arrived back after annual holiday to these pesky "the miah solicitors" letter. Don't really feel it amonts to much, other than another frighten. Whilst I still wait for my day in court maybe its getting closer???? This one is now a Sum due of £160. We refer to the above matter and your previous correspondence. We have discussed this case at length with our client. Our Client not having received payment............ no choice other than to issue the matter before the court and allow a judge to reach a decision upon the outcome of this case where you will be given the opportunity to make a defence. Please note we have been instructed to issue legal proceedings to recover the sum due to our client. And as a parting shot they add in bold type: we will notenter into any further correspondence regarding any appeal of fact or circumstance. Guess they are fed up of waiting....
  5. No you have not really missed anything. I simply replied to the miah solicitors as suggested in the post before the one, two previous from ericsbrother.
  6. Sorry for the delay , I am working some really long shifts at the moment. You are absolutely right it is "the miah Solicitors". I will do as suggested and send a very short reply using the wording suggested. Many thanks.
  7. The solicitors are acting as a debt collector unless the letter says letter before claim or letter before action under the Civil Procedures regs and I bet it doesnt. So, another bit of bog paper. Many thanks for the response. Well it does say: "This letter before action is being sent to you in accordance with the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct contained in the Civil.......... we refer to Paragraph 4........ And if thet don't receive payment they're going to instructions from the client on how they wish to proceed, which may include issuing legal proceedings. Guess this means they are testing the water??????
  8. Hello all again. It has been some time since I have heard anything from UKCPS, however, as I have read in other threads this has now gone to the Solicitors letter stage. A request for the £100 from UKCPS and now their fees of £60. Also if they proceed to to issue legal papers it will add a further £25. A grand total so far of £185. Still have not got my day in court yet!!!! Shall I write which is my inclination or ignore?
  9. Well, I'm not sure really but stand corrected. You spend your whole life being told about parking tickets and fines so you continue to use a well worn phrase a little like, I moan at people for calling profoundly Deaf people Deaf and Dumb; I'm sorry but this is such and outdated phrase but people still insist, but maybe we just need to be educated. So for future reference what should I be calling this, Parking ticket fraud? Fraud? Parking Con? Oh and yes, many thanks for the reply. I will wait for my court date should it arrive.
  10. "A refreshing change... An OP who has put some effort in and to help themselves." Took this comment from another thread about UKCPS. So I am ashamed to ask for any more advise in fear of being named a lazy good for nothing who cant be bothered to put the effort into helping themselves.
  11. Well you were absolutely right, I now have a "14 days before matter is issued to court." I have to say I find their additional two page information sheet interesting with comments like "if you're not happy talking to UKCPS...... the legal dept is separate to the main office and always available to speak professionally about particular issues. .... .. also in a position to negotiate out of court settlement figures. Well what ever next, maybe they will be offering a professional counselling service for stress related to parking fines?.
  12. Ahh well, something to look forward to, I think I'll do a Robbie then. I think the words are " I sit and wait, does an angel .........." many thanks.
  13. So the saga continues because, 28 days has lapsed since we last wrote to you and the parking charge remains unpaid. and YOU MUST NOT IGNORE THIS NOTICE, YOU HAVE 14 DAYS IN WHICH TO REPLY We ukcps Ltd, are required by law to inform you under section 4 of the *Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 sub paragraph (1).a 7.(2)a.b.c.e and f that On the d,date,time, vehicle registration number ****** was observed parking DRIVER - PASSENGERS OBSERVED LEAVING SITE and the driver of the vehicle is required by vertue of a relavent obligation to pay a parking charge in respectof the parking of the vehicle on land West Quay Retail Hull and by so parking he/she agreed tp pay a charge of £100 under the terms of a relevant contract displayed on said land. Then there's a charge for £100 which is now due. Oh and if they have to write again a further increas to that shown will be incurred. Also if they have to issue court proceedings to recover this outstanding charge, the court may also add additional charges and costs. And finally, since the owner of the vehicle has not told them the name of the drive , we now have the right to recover from the keeper so muchof that amount as remains unpaid, shown above. Well I think that covers the important part of the letter sent in reply to the one previously sent. What do we think?
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