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  1. Ok ill leave it there i don't think i will ever find the answers to the questions i am asking on here many thanks to everybody who has tried to help me on here.
  2. I knew something smelt fishy about all this everything seemed to much in favour of the enforcer there is rumours this site is run by bailiffs. http://www.marstongroup.co.uk/team-member/marc-gander/
  3. [Link removed by site team]. People on other forums seem to have totaly different views on this what do you think?
  4. So if you have debt troubles that are solely in your name and your partner is not liable you are under no obligation to involve your partners income when negotiating with creditors just your own. But when it comes to seizing goods your partners property is fair game and will be seized anyway regardless if you have provided purchase receipts and a statutory declaration to the EA there and then as he is making the inventory . SO RECEIPTS AND STATUTORY DECLARATIONS ARE WORTHLESS. i suppose its all in the hope you cannot get the deposit (equal value of the goods) together and you cannot
  5. Hi dx i appoligize if i am coming over pushy or aggressive in my posting im just scared and frightened that's all to answer your questions why do i pay? because i do owe the money. almost 5 years ago my marriage broke down my wife left never to be seen again i based everything on 2 wages coming in (and everything was in my name) and when she left i tried to stop the ship from sinking but i couldn't im sure you've heard the story a thousand times before the depression and anxiety starts then the drink. This together with the what seems t
  6. I have several debts totalling around £8.000 1 i have a ccj for one and pay £1 per month all my debts have now been sold by the original creditors to which i have been trying to negotiate payments for non are statue barred. I thank everybody for there help on the forum i just wish someone would try and answer my queries really. (my what ifs)
  7. Surely if you have receipts/credit card statements in the owners sole name or pointing the an account the owners solely owns then these items could not be touched as there wouldn't be reasonable doubt there would be no doubt? If they can still be disputed then i ask this what's the point in having receipts as proof of ownership if in a EA eyes they prove nothing?
  8. Of course that is your opinion dx but if anybody has the time to answer my queries i would be very grateful.
  9. Hi all and thanks for all the reply so you say a statutory declaration could still be contested well what if the owner of the goods had purchase receipts and credit cards bill receipts solely in there names corresponding to the items they own. would this be considered enough proof? Also what if these receipts were used together with the statutory declaration?. Am i right in thinking if somebody is in debt which is solely theirs but their partner is not and is not liable for this debt in anyway the partner is still able to purchase things for themselves out of their own
  10. Im just asking in general can my partner make a statutory declaration listing all the things she owns which are her sole property (some she has receipts for and others are gifts) so bailiffs cant seize them by assuming they belong to me or by making the assumption they are jointly owned because we live together? All my debts are non secured ie loans, overdraft, credit cards etc and have now all been sold i am trying to come to payment arrangements with these people but my partner is paranoid that if a creditor tries to use a bailiff they might try to take all her property.
  11. Hi thanks for the advice my partner is really worried that if if bailiffs come to the house because of my debt problems they will be able to seize her stuff because we are living together she wants to do a statutory declaration to be able to show them that the stuff belongs to her as i said some stuff she has receipts for but a couple of things were gifts so was hoping a stat dec would cover everything. All the debt is in my sole name and the problems all started before i met her and she now lives with me so she is really worried about these things
  12. Hi everybody i was wondering if anybody could help i have debt problems which are solely my own and live with my partner my partner is extremely worried about her possessions been taken and wants to do a statutory declaration to state what she owns. She has receipts and credit card bills as proof for many items but a couple of things she does not as they were birthday and Christmas gifts would putting these items in a statutory declaration cover her for this?. Also does anybody know any good Statutory declaration templates for proof of ownership?
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