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  1. Yeah its good to know I have somewhere else to go if the bank refuse to do anything. The problem is now though. Because of this I have next to no money, when I should have a grand. And I don't know how long its going to take. From reading around it seems they can only withhold a refund if they suspect I am acting fraudulently...which must mean they do. This is ridiculous. Why on earth would I withdraw money then phone up to say I didnt when I know there is CCTV in there?! Apparently though even if they suspect you, they still have to complete the investigation within a reasonable timeframe..what would be classed as reasonable in this case? I would say 24 hours since they are leaving me with nothing, but no doubt its a lot longer
  2. I'm quite sure you will still be able to claim ESA. Someone I know was convicted of housing benefit fraud (though it says 'failure to report a change of circs on his police file) and claims housing benefit again now...mind I dont know if it was a hassle to start claim back up or not I never understand how people manage to work when claiming, unless its cash in hand work. Surely tax records and such would alert the DWP right away? I'm not having a go, I have genuinely always wondered this.
  3. Yes. However it took around 2 years for my final result! Took a year for my "medical" during which the "doctor" had to help me onto the examination couch thing, and also my knees locked when I tried to leave. He put a load of crap on the report, said I had no problems moving around and such. Obviously I appealed and took all of my physio notes along with a strongly worded letter from my GP. Took just under a year for tribunal and I was in there less than 5 minutes before they decided that it was obvious I was not fit for work. I was put in WRAG though, as I was having physio and stuff and the doctors did expect me to get sorted within a year or two. After getting the award notice it took around 2 weeks and I got a letter saying they were putting £2400 or so in my account which was a nice surprise. I checked my bank that day and it had actually been there for 2 days already
  4. They will backdate it. However they wont give you the extra for the first 13 weeks of your claim. So if as you say you have been waiting 41 weeks, you will get the extra for 28 of them.
  5. Paypal owe me around £1,300 and have done for about 3 years now. Everything was fine when I was buying, and selling low priced items. Paypal receiving limits were all lifted, ebay hold was gone as I was not a new seller, never had negative feedback either buying or selling. I then sold my laptop as I was in a sticky financial situation and bam. Paypal account limited. They wanted proof of who I was so I sent off everything they asked for. Then they decided that I needed to supply tracking info for recently sold items, which I had already done. After speaking to a rep on the phone and telling her I had done this she lifted the limit. I tried to withdraw, and bam. Another limit on me within 5 minutes. They wanted proof that I owned the laptop. Luckily enough I keep most receipts so after searching, I sent them a copy of the receipt. I thought they can't possibly ask for anything else, and I was right. Because they could find nothing else to hold my cash for(I'm convinced they wanted me to not have the documents they asked for), they then decided that my account was linked to another account that had "outstanding issues". However they would not tell me anything about this because of "data protection". Right, so I am linked to another paypal in some mysterious way, you can't tell me anything about it, yet you are holding MY money because of this other account. Utter crap. Eventually after months of attempting to get a reply off an actual human instead of an automated reply my account was closed "permanently" and funds withheld. 2 days later my ebay account was closed, no reason given.
  6. Left a letter there anyway. Sent one to head office too. Really annoyed by all of this. Won't get it sorted today anyway as 'payments team' are off apparently
  7. No luck. Apparently the FCA rules only apply to visa card payments? I don't know if I should bother trying to ring the fraud team again and trying them..they seemed slightly more willing to help than the branch staff :/ Meant to be leaving in a few hours
  8. Holiday is tomorrow. Fantastic timing eh..Still debatng on if we can go or not to be honest Will take letter down first thing tomorrow, banks open til 12.30
  9. How do I tell them this? I'm not really good with confrontations (even on the phone) and I feel really awkward telling someone how to do their job..but at the same time it is my money..that I desperately need asap. The girl I spoke to said the investigation team dont work over the weekend, nor the refund team. So I dont think I have much hope at the min anyway now
  10. They have crime number already, they reckon they don't have to refund immediately. Apparently there will be an investigation now, and then I will get refunded. Guess I have to cancel holiday as I really doubt it will get done tomorrow
  11. Hi. They say it can't be fraudulent as the person answered my security questions correctly and the signature given to the cashier apparently matches mine. Though my signature isn't really very complex, I keep meaning to change it but I have been using the same one for ages now and its just habit :/
  12. If theres no way to sort things today (my mum had a payment taken from her bank a few years back and got a same day refund, though a card payment is different to a withdrawal I guess) then I will do that. I find it shocking that I'm going to have to wait so long for a refund mind..I will be changing banks when this is sorted. To one that actually requires ID for large transactions to be withdrawn
  13. I went straight to the police station from the bank, the reckon its for the bank to sort out..though they did give me a crime number and said the will do whatever they can and update me. Wasn't impressed with that either to be honest
  14. Could they sort it today though? Oh I will definitely be trying to do that if it comes to it. Explaining to a 6 and a 4 year old that they can't go on a holiday they are really excited for though...looking forward to that even less than the fight I feel I am going to have to get my cash back
  15. Hello. I am in need of a bit of advice so figured this was probably the best place to try besides CAG (and their office is closed today apparently so they are no good for me really) I recently transfered some cash from my savings account to my current account to book a holiday. Paid for it. I'm not sure if I am going to be able to go now. I left over £1000 in my account for spending money. When trying to withdraw our spending money at the bank this morning, I was told insufficient funds. Obviously I went into the bank and was told a counter withdrawal was made yesterday for £1000. I ask how on earth this can happen, as surely a cash withdrawal would require ID. Apparently not, they just ask security questions. I asked what kind of security questions and the manager seems a bit reluctant to tell me, but it turns out simple things like address would suffice. I am getting slightly wound up at this point and ask if they used anything else to verify this withdrawal. He tells me that they dont have chip and pin machines in branch as a signature suffices.. . however my card never left my possession all day so how they could even have had a card to verify the signature is a mystery he offers to check the cctv footage but claims this could take up to a fortnight. Probably the wrong thing to do, but at this point I walked out as to be honest, I felt like I was going to completely snap. There are more security measures in place to use a cash machine than take out larger transactions over the counter! Unbelievable. I have never tried to draw out cash at the counter before anywhere, but is this the same with all banks? If so I completely understand why my grandfather used to keep bundles of cash around the house. I used to laugh at him when he said he didn't trust banks to keep his money safe and would rather take the risk of keeping it himself I got home and contacted the fraud team, who reckon theres nothing they can do as it was an in branch transaction. They can open an investigation but it can take weeks to get a reply/refund. Now, I may have to go down this route, but is there anything I could do to try and get an immediate refund? I don't feel its fair for the bank to penalize ME for their lack of security. I am currently asking around to see what cash I can lend from friends to see if I can still go on holiday. I have transferred my wages to my partners bank account until the fraud team sort this out as clearly I cannot trust my money to be in nationwide right now. .unfortunately I don't get paid til the end of the month though I am absolutely foaming at all of this. Especially the day before I am meant to be going away. I don't feel I have actually done anything wrong, yet I have no access to my own money :S
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