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  1. Earlier today the court said he rang this morning to find out his options he was advised what he Could apply for with regard to reinstating his defence 3 hours later a bar was put in place so I called back and they informed me the defence was struck out in error as the DQ was received but never put on file.......... and they have transferred to district judge to decide on direction.....
  2. Oh so after i've got a judgement the court has now decided they have made a mistake... They did infact receive the defendants DQ and the case has been transferred to a district judge for a decision on what should happen next... wether i win or we need to go to court... BRILLIANT news... NOT!
  3. The plot thickens, spoke to the court today the defendant has only rang them today asking what his options are and not made any application but i've just logged on and it says the following for 9/1/2015 Your judgment against Mr Edward Terrell was issued on 23/12/2014 Mr Edward Terrell notified the court of a change of address on 09/01/2015 A bar was put in place for Mr Edward Terrell on 09/01/2015 What does this mean!?!?!?
  4. Further email received in response to charging order "We have already informed you that our client has made application to the court in relation to the judgment you have entered.If you apply to enforce the Judgment our client will apply for a stay and an Order for costs against you personally.The Defendant considers you contacting him with unwanted emails and sarcastic comments constitutes harassment and if this behaviour contiues we will draw your behaviour to the attention of the District Judge and also make a formal complaint to the police." Unwanted e-mails being documents served
  5. That is my question. Is this the end of it? Because when i told the HCEO today that i had received that e-mail he told me he needed to converse with his colleague and get back to me tommorow... I've got the judgement there is no reason good enough that he could have his defence reinstated, his defence is laughable anyway it just states that there is no warranty and the buyer beware term is valid but my claim is that the item was not as described and that the seller misrepresented himself which trading standards and the police were interested to hear but not heard anything back from them.
  6. No notice of setaside has been given to me nor the court, he said he filed it today. The HCEO said the total exposure would be £150, £60 transfer up fee plus £75 +vat if it goes tits and they can't recover it. #Edit As it stands now the case has been transferred up and no setaside notice has been received nor any documents served to me by the defendant or court in relation to this all i have is a 2 line email off him stating the following after requesting payment "We have today made application to the court for the Defence to be reinstated and for further Directions for Trial to
  7. I'm now concerned though having paid the fee for HCEO to recover the debt, the defendant is filing with the court to have his defence reinstated!? Surely the Judge will see that the defendant has waited until receiving the judgment before even talking to the court. He did file a defence but due to not filing directions questionnaire after being asked by the court twice and failing to respond it was struck out and i submitted a N225 request for default judgement... I'm by no means a solicitor but have knowledge of consumer law and after this ****** had me over I've done everything within m
  8. So i brought a car from a guy who told me he was a trader/dealer. Car was described as having no mechanical or electrical faults 2 days later car stopped dead wouldn't move. EGR valve had gone and also traction control system had faults logged in the ECU... Took it along to seat got a bill for £2000 (cutting a long story short here) Went back to the dealer/trader told me he wasn't a car trader and offered me £101 as compensation and told me nothing else i can do and he will not take the car back. After issuing claim form he made an offer of full refund including costs
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