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  1. Received a response from monument saying they never sold PPI and the refund was to help me reduce my debt with Arrow who they sold the debt to. Also they will not corespond any further regarding this matter and will just file any letters sent to them in response.
  2. HI, I have written a letter ready to post, I would be grateful for your thoughts. " Dear Customer Relations: I am writing to you somewhat confused I note from your letter dated 18/12/2014 (Final response). That you infer I have been communicating with you regarding a PBP claim, I wish to state at no time have I entered into correspondence with Monument with regard the alleged claim. Neither have I authorized any agent or specialist company to make any claims against Monument regarding refunding PBP. However if under government legislation regarding miss sold PBP, I was en
  3. HI, Thank you what will you need from me? CitizenB.
  4. HI, Had another letter today, Monument have sent the payment directly to Arrow Global as the outstanding balance is held with them. Question is do I write to Monument and inform them I have never contacted them regarding claiming PBP back from them and ask for a copy of all correspondence. Surely if Arrow have claimed this in my name its Fraud?
  5. Thank you, In their response they have said they will send the cheque in 28 days. Now I know they cant restart the SB, I will fight for the money. After the crap Arrow Global gave me and Monument years ago, who just refused every offer. I feel the devil to fight for this money, I did have the PBP on the card and it proved useless when i got into problems.
  6. HI, Thank you for your quick response, they are refunding me around £1500.00, I don't expect to see any of it. I was concerned about this being offset against the default balance and in some way restarting the SB. One thing I have found out is how devious these companies can be.
  7. HI, I have received a final response letter from Monument, regarding a Payment break plan I use to have attached to a credit card. I last paid a payment on the 6/10/2006, the credit card account is statute barred. I did receive letters from Arrow Global and after asking them to prove the debt, not heard from them since. The problem is I have not made any claim against Monument or authorised a third party to do so in my name. Their letter states in response to my recent correspondence with them. I am concerned this will reset the time on the statute
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