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  1. Hi Andy not sure how i should submit a defence - i certainly dont have anythign prepared. when you urefer to Northampton MOCL is this the magistrates court? this is all very alien territory to me. perhaps Erics Brother can help me with one or two lines?
  2. hiya sorry i have just re-read the answer you gave on 3rd novemeber advising me to submit the acknowledgement of service - which i did... BUT forgot i needed to send in any sort of written defence within another two weeks. .. im guessing then they are allowed to go ahead and prosecute - should i just pay up and be done with this? no wonder people do that as its incredibly draining having this hanging over me.
  3. hi sory i couldnt access via internet - i posted the acknowlegement back to the Court as listed on the document i received. thanks
  4. Hi i have now received a Judgment for Claimant (in default) which states i have not replied to the claim form! I kept a copy of the Acknowledgement of Service which i posted to them on 3rd November 2016. not sure how i prove i posted it back to them - are they just trying to force me to pay up?
  5. hi i have scanned a copy of the documents received last month and now look forward to hearing from you. thanks for your help merged.pdf
  6. hi ive now received a note from County Court Business Centre saying my debt has been purchased and seeking £235.00. it looks like an official sounding document and relates to the fixed charge notice which i didnt pay. should i just ignore it? thanks. MG
  7. i have scanned to PDF but cant find how to put online here! any guidance much appreciated. i also note the notice is now called a PCN and not a FCN - dont know if there is any difference!
  8. hi sorry been on holiday - what is a redacted copy? can i scan it and attach as PDF - im new to all this!! thanks for putting my mind at rest!
  9. hi sorry to have to write again.. capital 2 coast have become very devious! they sent me a PCN notice early June and i noticed the date of sending was 12/06/15 - i think they are trying to confuse the dates of 06/12/14 (supposedly date of original offence) and 12/06/2015 in order to get me to pay up as looked intially like a second offence! I ignored it but have now received a "demand for payment of unpaid parkiing charge £160" from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd based in Dunkinfield SK14.. .. any ideas what i do now. im very irate at being referred to debt agency!
  10. thanks again - I will ignore any future letters! have sent a donation to CAG to support this organisation - I would have paid up if it hadn't been for the advice I received here... best regards
  11. THANKYOU! Im so worried about getting a debt thingy against my name and address but as I haven't admitted being the driver there doesn't seem to be anything they can do. . really appreciate the help ive got through this forum. im donating my "fine" to CAG!!
  12. i have now received another letter from capital2coast with copy of pictures from the patrol officers photographs (i originally thought i had been caught via a CCTV camera). this letter confirms that when the fixed charge notice was issued the vehicle was in contravention of terms and conditions of the site etc.. . apparently my appeal has been reviewed etc the appeals board have made a decision based on factual evidence etc and now deem this matter closed - future correspondence to capital2coat will not be answered!! shall i just ignore it? they tell me i have to pay £100 before 26/;2/15.. .. any advice gratefully received. . i did write to them quoting the simple paragraph in the thread from erics brother of 9th jan 2015.
  13. there was no ticket on my windscreen - the letter arrived at the beginning of this week. The "offence" was committed on 6th december 2014.
  14. hi I have scanned it (its now a pDF) but not sure how to add it on here.. . the incident was in Lewes at beginning of December - adjacent to Laura Ashely (which has makred out parking bays) and yes there is parking notice nearby but its not clear (at least to me) where their jurisdiction is. happy to email PDF separately if that is any help> it does show my hazard lights are on.. hi HB yes I received it when I came back from holidays! i had no other notication whatsoever,,
  15. hi Im new to the forum but found it after trying to get info about capital2coast. they issuied me with a Fixed Charge Notice (received late dec but "offence" committed 6th dec). I parked with hazard lights on a side road outside our local cancer hospice shop to collect large item - no more than 2 mins - and capital2coast say the contravention was failure to display a permit. I was not in a marked bay and I think it was single yellow line.. do I have to pay? not sure they have jurisdiction on this particular side of the road? I think its unethical and am told the cameras only been in place a few weeks so lots more people will be caught out... any advice gratefully received...
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