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  1. Thank you for the advice. Although i am under 18 i actually do not live with my parents i live with my boyfriend and his family, is there any chance they could send a letter to them as they live at the same address?
  2. Hey, so im gonna try and not bore you all with unnecessary detail basicly i was caught shoplifting yesterday at tescos, it was not a mistake i knew i was doing it and i accept my wrong doings. They treated me fine and took down my details, i gave them back the products (a shampoo and conditioner) that total cost came to £8 something (which i was not asked to pay as i returned the products), i was not treated badly or wrong by them. I was informed that i would be getting a letter from the RLPicon with a fine of between £70-150 and i am banned from tesco for 3 months. I am 17 and live of benefits and have very little money, basicly over the last year i have been diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress disorder and have spent between 5-6 months in an inpatient unit due to me being highly suicidal and a self harmer (please do not express negative opinions towards this), the last incident was 2 months ago when i had to be treated from an overdose at my local hospital, now i am not making excuses or trying to say its not my fault as i knew what i was doing but at times i get a overwhelming erge to be reckless or self sabotaging acts one of which was this shoplifting. I am wondering when i get this fine and can not pay it where do i stand and what is the best thing for me to do? I can not tell anyone around me this is happened down to shame and anxiety.
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