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  1. Hi HB I still have heard nothing from the forum guys, is there anything I should be doing Thanks David
  2. Hi HB I haven't heard anything yet, am I being too anxious? Thanks David
  3. Thank you HB I am at my wits end.
  4. Hello All Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. This is my first foray into this so if I seem a little disjointed I aplogise. I had a business that started in 1999, we had some moderate success and took out a SFBL for £100 in 2002. The bank had us sign a PG and took a charge out on the business. Over the next 9 years the business started and stopped however we managed to keep the payments going. In October 2011 our 24K overdraft was renewed for 12 months. Great we had just started negotiations with a large client. In December 2011 received a phone call and an email from my
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