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  1. Hi, I didn't knew anything until two months after the CCJ was out, So GPEOL ,POPLA all had already passed its time lines.
  2. Hi, I hate to think that this is the end of the road and I am stuck for next 6 years, There has to be something where I appeal or at least raise it to the court my situation. I agree there are processes to keep actual fraudsters and [problematic] away and keep small businesses safe, however, this is affecting normal individuals like me. I will keep trying and have a feeling that there might be some ray of hope somewhere I just need to keep on searching for it. Regards.
  3. Hi, Appreciate your response thank you. The paper work I received after 2 months of the CCJ, I applied for a credit card and was turned down, then I started investigating the cause, thru credit file etc, and went back to the previous address and requested the tenants to give any documents they have received in my name in last six months,, that's when I found the CCJ documents. For not informing DVLA the max fine will be £1000, if the judge wishes to fine me, but at least I will be able to get a mortgage on reasonable terms if the CCJ is cleared. I cant imagine continuing paying £800 rent for next 6 years just because I have a CCJ and cannot get a mortgage. I hope you understand.
  4. Hi , Thank you for replying, I understand it was a lag from my side as I moved house and sold the car, I paid the amount because of it and totally agree to everything. But how fair it is on me to pay 40% on personal loans when the prevailing rate is up to 4% and I have no right to buy a house on mortgage. Can a person be penalised for next 6 years with high interest rates, car insurance, home insurance and all that a normal person is entitled to. Hence I am seeking an advice if there are chances to appeal and request the judge for consideration
  5. Hi, Thank you for all your replies, My main defence will be non receipt of any communication since I moved from the place. I have paid the amount as I thought it is a court judgement and its been too late to apply for 'Set Aside' or appeal since 2 months had already passed when I got all the documents from the previous address. But now it has become difficult for me, I accepted that the fault is mine by Paying the fine amount, but why do people like me who are genuine on-time payers of all their bills suffer for next 6 years just because of a private parking company taking advantage of the default judgement. That's why my main question was, 'Can I appeal against as default CCJ when I have already paid the amount and it appears as 'Satisfied in my Credit file. Any advice will be of great help.
  6. Firstly, Thank you everyone for all your contributions on this website, I have read through most of it and it was of real help to my particular problem regarding CCJ. I have a query if you can help and advise. I received a CCJ in April 2014 for parking in one of the sites maintained by Parking Eye company during Dec 2013. The reason was that, I moved from my previous residence and all the reminders and court communication were sent to my previous address including the CCJ appeals form. I collected the letters from my previous address and since it was a court judgment, I immediately paid the £165 in June 2014. My credit file shows a CCJ as 'Satisfied'. Now the actual problem is, all my possibilities to get a loan or a mortgage have diminished and I am being perceived as a financial offender or a kind of fraudster by financial institutions. My Personal loan application was turned down and credit card applications were declined. This has caused a lot of trauma mentally and I cannot help thinking on it everyday. Everything seems difficult for me now. I am in a permanent employment and have never missed any payments. The only thing I can do is to appeal or challenge against the default decision since I didn't had a slightest idea about it due to the communication being sent to my previous address. Please advise if the appeal is possible now since I have paid the amount and much time has been lapsed since the judgment. Your advise will be of great help. Thank you
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