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  1. I just read it and I see the "This is also your notice of default sums" section. Do you mean the signed cca? If so I attached it above (3rd post down). Thanks Andy, John
  2. Thanks Andy. I have not received an annual notice of sums from Either MBNA or AK.
  3. Thanks Andy. They have the address at the time of inception on the actual signed cca, but my current address on the T&C'S I was recently sent so I don't know what the situation with that is. Would the T&C'S be void as they don't relate to any agreement I signed? I have no other dispute about the debt but I tried to sort this out with MBNA and they just weren't being reasonable at all and the goons at AK were using bullying tactics. Many thanks, Andy, John
  4. Hi Guys, here are the responses to the questions on the claim form advice page. Name of claimant - Aktiv Kapital Portfolio AS issue Date of claim 5/01/2015 Claim is for a defaulted credit card debt purchased by above company Particulars of claim - The claimant claims the sum of 1,865.43 for debt & interest. On 14/08/2010 the defendant entered into an agreement with mbna for a credit card under reference ******** On 30/03/2013 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of 1,710.24. On 29/05/2013 th
  5. Hi dx100uk. Yes I received it yesterday. They are also claiming an added £180 for interest. Thanks John
  6. Hi dx100uk, Sorry for the delay but I've had no internet access for the last couple of days. AK sent me a few pages of T&C'S which they claim I received when I applied for the MBNA card. I don't recall them to be honest. I have attached the first page of the T&C'S AK sent me below. It seems the interest rates & fees don't match what is on the cca I signed. Also they have my new address on the T&C'S but when I took out the card I was at a different address. I don't know what's up there! I also requested a full sta
  7. Thanks for the info ericsbrother. I was informed by AK that if they were to claim in court they would add £180 in interest to the claim which would cover the period from when they bought the debt to when they issue a claim. Is that allowed? I did receive the notice of assignment from AK when they sent the signed agreement. Forgot to add that the correspondence I've had with AK has been via Judge & Priestly solicitors. Do you guy's think the Signed agreement from Mbna is enforceable? Thanks again ericsbrother. Appreciate the help. John
  8. Hi Dx, thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it. I have attached the cca to this post. I received a letter today from AK stating I will receive a county court claim in the next couple of days. I tried avoiding all this by supplying MBNA with my income/expenditure and offering a monthly payment I could afford but they just kept demanding more. The debt of £1700, which was for a credit card with MBNA, was then sold to AK who have kindly added interest of £180. Do you think this agreement is enforceable? Thanks again for the help. John
  9. Hi guy's, Firstly, what a fantastic forum! It's great to see people helping others through bad times. I have a question regarding a cca request I sent to Aktiv Kapital in relation to a defaulted credit card debt they purchased from mbna. They have eventually sent me a signed agreement but they did not supply it in the necessary time scales (took 12 weeks!), and there is no credit limit stated on the agreement. Is this debt still enforceable? I read somewhere that if they failed to supply a cca within 12+2 days + 30 days (something like that!) that a deb
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