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  1. Morning all, A query: what will be Date of PCN in this case, I mean PCN issued date. As per the New PCN sent, date says 05/02/2015. Does that count as "out of time" Notice (out of 28 days from 09/11/2014 although first one apparently they say they sent with in 28 days). Can it be ground for defence in this case? Thanks
  2. Hello Jamberson, I am not sure what ground I have to appeal so option is to cough up money but Council is no saint either. Surprisingly, PCN number is same throughout. It's same PCN number as mentioned in Charge Certificate. Although, in letter they say that we are re-issuing this and cancelling the previous PCN and charge certificate but it looks they have just reprinted old PCN with new date of 05/02/2015 and sent it. As this is CCTV bus lane offence, not sure if they are allowed to re-send same PCN or Need to re-issue a new one.
  3. It looks my joy was short lived and Reading council working hard. They have re-issued the PCN and given me opportunity from the beginning. I am travelling next week so was inclined to pay £30 as discounted rate but thought to discuss it here before it. Here is the sequence of letters they sent me from very beginning. 1. 1st Letter - Charge Certificate (which they say cancelled). 2. 2nd Letter - Confirming this certificate has been cancelled. 3. 3rd Letter - New PCN I must admit they were very quick this time to send PCN.
  4. Yes, they say we will reissue PCN so that I get a chance to appeal. That is what this letter says in 3 lines. Thank you all for support. Lets see what they do next. On tuesday (before I had received this letter), I had sent another letter (as advised on phone by them) to them that I will be travelling away from home for 3 weeks and please don't write with in this time. I hope this letter don't make them more persistent. Although, they will take almost 4 weeks to look at it.
  5. Finally received a letter from Reading Council. Reading Council will cancel the current PCN and re-issue new one so that proper procedure is followed. So charge certificate stand cancelled at the moment. I wish they just go away.
  6. Update: Council confirmed that received my letter and it's in a queue to be dealt with and as per them charge is frozen to £90 until further communication. (Royal Mail doesn't show proof of signature though).
  7. Also came to know that for Bus Lane Contravention, it will be Statutory Declaration instead of Witness Statement. Little more hessel.
  8. Morning, @jamberson - I have gone through the link. I understand now that I need to wait for "Order of Recovery for unpaid penalty charge notice" along with Witness statement. Does following letter make sense, any changes??? I have made it bit polite and myself. ============ ========= To The Officer 06/01/2015 Reading Borough Council BL PO Box 3012 Reading RG19RZ Subject: Request for cancellation of Charge Certificate for Vehicle Registration – XXXX and Penalty Charge Notice Number – XXXX Dear Sir / Madam, I am xxx, a resident of XXXX. I have received Charge Certificate dated XXX on XXX (attached herewith) for vehicle (Reg. – XXX, PCN – XXX) which states date of contravention as XXX. This Charge Certificate states that a PCN was sent to you which gave you 28 days to pay this PENALTY CHARGE or challenge its issue. Because payment in full has not been made within the relevant period the amount of the Penalty Charge has been increased by 50%. I would like to inform you that I NEVER received any notification or any communication from Reading Council prior to receiving this Charge Certificate. As result, I was not provided any PCN/notification or any opportunity to challenge its issue. This is the very first communication I received from Reading Council. After talking to your department, I was advised to write a letter to you about not receiving any prior notification. Going through web, I came across one more member of public who has been issued Charge Certificate without receiving any prior Notification from Reading Council. This could have been a genuine Administrative error at Reading Council end or postal end but it has caused me great amount of stress. I would like to request you to:  Cancel this Charge Certificate as this is the only communication I am getting from Reading Council.  Provide me with copy of Original PCN along with date when it was issued and evidence it was posted.  Provide me with any other notification prior to this charge certificate If Council decide NOT to cancel Charge Certificate out of Statutory Process and “Order of Recovery” is issued, I will be left with only option to fill up Witness Statement to inform TEC that I was not provided any notification prior to this Charge Certificate. Also, I will notify them about same issue faced by other member of public as this may be an Administrative Error at your or postal end. I would like to request you to provide these details as soon as possible. I am sending this letter as first class recorded so that it reaches you in time and no communication is lost. Yours Sincerely xxx XXXX =========
  9. Thank you jamberson and ford. @jamberson I missed that post. I will go through the link. Also this require forthwith, I picked up from a forum. I will change to "request". Thanks a lot for replying.
  10. I will ask for original PCN but going through web, very unlikely I will get it. Also CC is the final stage before it goes to TEC. Looking at web, for this council, my guess is they will come up with discount to pay in 14 days. It looks their strategy to wind up motorists.
  11. Hello Ford, I didn't receive anything except this letter. Also what Council say on phone is contradicting what it says on website. Looking at Reading Website, it says following: ====== When first issued, you have 14 days in which to pay the ticket at a discounted rate of £30. After 14 days of the date of issue of the PCN, you lose the right to pay the discounted sum. The 14 days starts with the date on which the PCN was served. The full charge of £60 becomes due after the 14 days. After 28 days of the date of service of the PCN, a Charge Certificate may be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle, notifying the keeper that the charge has been increased by 50%, up to £90. If you receive a Charge Certificate, you must pay within 14 days. There is no right to appeal at this stage. After 14 days of the date of the Charge Certificate, the debt will be registered at the Traffic Enforcement Centre and a registration fee of £7 added to the charge, taking the total amount payable up to £97. After 21 days after the Debt Registration, if the charge has not been paid or a statutory declaration has not been made, the Traffic Enforcement Centre will grant authority for a warrant to be issued and a certificated bailiff will be requested to recover the debt from you. The Enforcement Agent (formerly known as bailiffs) will charge you for this. ======= Based on this, once CC is issues I will not be allowed any appeal. As this is the only letter I got, after talking to Council Customer Service Representative, she said you write a letter that I didnt receive PCN and it will be frozen until council write back and give you another 14 days to pay. These both things are contradicting. Also, If I don't pay and it goes to TEC, does that affect my credit rating if decision is against me and I have to pay up??? What I find outrageous is that £30 fine allowed raised to £90 and then receiving a CC. It looks it's a deliberate attempt. Also another person in same boat and this council quite famous for fleecing motorist. Thanks Ajay
  12. Gone through the link of Reading council, I didn't know actual find was £30 increased to £90, all due to unfair means of council not sending PCN and directly sending CC (that is what i suspect). As per this, I can't even appeal or make formal representation.
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