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  1. Just thought id provide a quick update. When I emailed back i CCd the people you mentioned thanks (fkofilee) and I demanded complete removal thanks (renegadeimp). This is response I recieved. "Thankyou for the e-mail. Please find this as confirmation that all records regarding the specific loanin question have been deleted from CallCredit; however, the change might take amaximum of 30 days to be visible in Noddle." Thats what I call a result. Thanks for the advice much appreciated.
  2. Thank you for you replys Today I have received the following email from MYJAR, "Please accept my sincere apologies for the situation occurred and for the inconvenience this issue has caused you. This is not standard practice and we will do everything possible to prevent this happening to any of our customers in the future. Please note that due to a technical issue the default was added to your credit file although an agreement was in place at the time of the incident. We have now updated your credit file, the loan was paid in full on 27/06/2015 and the
  3. This is what they originally sent to me "We have contacted you several times regarding your unpaid loan but have not received payment from you – the balance now stands at £482.50. We are now giving you 14 days’ notice of our intention to register a default against you. The default notice together with an information leaflet issued by the Financial Conduct Authority is attached to this message. Registering a default is the step that we must take before we are able to take legal action against you. You can avoid this by repaying the money you owe or by contacting us and making a re
  4. In the email that they sent me
  5. Hi All, I'm after some advice and opinion A while ago I fell into debt with various Payday lenders which was totally my fault no excuses. I have now sorted them all out with the last one being MYJAR formerly Text Loan with the last payment being paid this month. A few months ago I received an email from MYJAR saying I owed the debt and if I didn't pay or make an arrangement within 14 days they would register a default. I called them up and made arrangements to pay over 4 months (Last payment this month) which they accepted and I was told no default would be registered as I had
  6. Hi All, Have had my debt written off :whoo:although I had to chase WONGA to confirm after it dissapeared from credit file. To be honest wasn't expecting it to be resolved so quickly. I think the flood gates are about to open for others
  7. Something needs to be done! The issues identified with their lending isn't a new thing and has obviously been going on for some time. When I spoke to Wonga all the guy kept saying was it was sold before the write off but so what if it was the big question is would I have been given the loan under the new criteria a simple Yes or No. I have no doubt i wouldn't. Ive asked Wonga to supply a breakdown of all my loans as they were lending me more and more each month with total disregard for affordability I hold my hands up for my part in borrowing beyond my means but I was stuck in the payday cyc
  8. Their criteria for writing off debt was if you wouldn 't have had the loan accepted under their new lending criteria. Surely it shouldn't matter if it was sold or not.
  9. Has anybody heared any more on debt that were sold to 3rd party I am in the same boat I had a loan with Wonga that was sold to PRA. My Loan was £1082 and my wages for that month was £1200. I take responsibilty for taking a stupid loan as at the time I was in the payday loan cycle and was borrowing more and more each month but clearly affordabilty checks were not properly taken. Surely you can't say Group A who shouldn't of been given loans have theirs written off but Group B who souldn't have been given loans but were sold on tough. The funny thing is the loan was £108
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