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  1. Thats the point I’m not on pay as you go, I’m in a sim only contract they just made a mistake and cancelled my contract and moved me onto a pay as you go contract they've acknowledged it’s their problem but I just can’t get them to put me back and offer me a “NEW” 12 month contract or a new number???? i can’t believe this and they just keep saying they will look into it while I have no phone
  2. After 20 years of being a pay monthly contract holder with Vodafone I was disconnected on Thursday, and after the usual 3x1 hour calls being passed from pillar to post and not being allowed to speak to a manager(yet their agent keeping me on hold to talk to one) they admitted it was there fault but as my account was no on a pay as you go they would send out a new sim and I WILL revive it the next day and they will load up my pay as you go account! i haven’t been able to text etc since the sim didn’t arrive, so I’ve just spent another 1/2 hour trying to complain and basically being put of
  3. Thank you all so much for your quick responses, it's one of the things that puts faith back into how people can really be to each other when help is asked for!
  4. I rang the insurance company, they are paying the bills at the moment, he said as they haven't seen my medical history yet, it's with Latitude, I'm also worried because it looks like we will miss our flights and its says £7.5m medical but £1000 for transportation costs, we won't get flights for that price plus I will need to find my wife a hotel as we are due to check out tomorrow!! It's such a worry, I felt like discharging myself but a lady at the hospital said that it can default your claim if you go against doctors advice!!!!
  5. Hi help wanted, I'm presently in a hospital in the states, I collapsed twice and was taken to hospital, the doctors are do loads and loads of tests saying it may be heart related and keeping me in and it looks like I will miss my flight home, I don't have medical history but my wife reminded me that a few years ago I was at the hospital when she was unwell, and I said I felt a bit rough and the nurse did an ECG a doctor looked at it and said I it was strong as an ox's, I didn't give it a second thought after that, I'm now panicking in case it was just under 5 years will that make my insurance
  6. Can anyone tell me about this way around paying PRS and PPL? Thanks
  7. So just to update, it went to the ombudsman, who completely backed my position and told vodafone they had to do a full refund and pay me extra for my troubles etc. not as much as I wanted but just sick and tired of it all so I accepted. Vodafone were given 28 days to out everything right, and guess what!!! They couldn't do that right either so the ombudsman emailed me(they were keeping it open until paid) to say they were now taking it further!!! VODAFONE you are a joke!
  8. Hi, I have the same issues, can someone PM me any solutions please
  9. Dear Mr Snowdon, RE: KJC– Direct Debit Reference KCIns........ We have noted your further comments however the policy wording confirms that we are only able to cancel a policy once a request is received from the insured. In this case, we did not receive any contact from you to request the cancellation and therefore the policy continued, as did the monthly direct debit. Our letter confirming the set up of the insurance/Direct Debit was sent to ** Warner Crescent, Didcot, OX11 *** However as a gesture of goodwill, the Underwriters have agreed on this occasion to
  10. Thought I wouldn't be able to claim both though? Nationwide are refunding it in dribs and drabs, so might not have finished, will nationwide not reclaim the money from citymain?
  11. And guess what their 24hrs 7 days a week online chat..... Is unavailable at the moment????
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