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  1. So, the incidental hearing was a waste of time. I sat from 10:30 - 12:58, at which point I was called, Shoosmiths did not show, and the judge decided the matter would be dealt with on the existing court date, the 22nd. All in all, utter nonsense.
  2. Alright, thanks to everyone so far! My incidental hearing date has been set - I've read through the link you posted earlier dx (pancake rolls application), and it all seems pretty straightforward. Is there any other advice for the hearing?
  3. Great, thanks again to all! I have submitted this morning. So, fingers crossed for a dismissal! I've just noticed that there is an additional "DF" on my noddle report account history in November 2014. Does that mean Arrow have issued an additional default notice? I haven't seen it, and i undertstand (correct me if I'm wrong) that it should be unlawful for them to issue a default whilst in default (ahem) of a CCA Request. Should I write to arrow to ask them to remove it? (Though, I can only imagine what their response would be)
  4. Amazing, thankyou! I should say, finally; defend or counterclaim?
  5. So, how do I defend from here? I don't think it's safe to assume it's extinguished, and if I include the statute barred defence, doesn't it acknolwedge the debt? If I didn't pay it off, then it could have been serviced up to March 2010, and then lost when I closed all my student accounts and moved to RBS.
  6. I see where you are going with this.. . I received the money from my fathers estate in March, just shy of 5 years ago. It would make sense, if i had missed something, and they would bring court action now because it's just shy of the 5 years.
  7. No paperwork recieved, and there was no update of address because I believe the account was settled with everything else.
  8. 16 digits. In fact, it doesn't even match the account number shown by noddle.
  9. Yes, I have moved many times. The only thing it could be is that GE Card. The only other credit stuff I have ever had was with HSBC (my student account), RBS (my current account with an small overdraft) and my mobile phone contract. The only things in my credit file are This ARROW GLOBAL stuff and my RBS overdrafts.
  10. Great, thankyou for your help, really. Here's an slightly updated version:
  11. Thankyou very much for your help (and spelling correction!). I guess I'll just go to the court on monday and submit my defence as it is, and if an IA hearing occurs then hopefully I can flush this out.
  12. Yeah, I have done that as well - that was the part mentioned under "The Act of Sederunt". I haven't recieved anything back from that yet.
  13. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55179[/ATTACH] Not much better. Though I see the amount has jumped up too. What the hell?
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