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  1. Hi Dx100uk and thank you so much for your post. I have read of cases of people receiving summons five or six months after the alleged offence, but I guess what you are saying is that this perhaps is the exception rather than the rule? I can only cross my fingers and hope. And to FirstClass, thanks again for your post, which is very helpful, though it's depressing to hear that I will have to declare a criminal offence whichever category of offence I may be prosecuted under. I have learnt so much from this experience. Namely that in future, if an RPI tells me to jump, I will do so, or
  2. Thanks for your response Firstclass. It's helpful to know what I am up against and from what you say, it seems that I will end up with a criminal record if the matter proceeds to court, which will be a utter disaster for me, both personally and professionally. That is something that I will have to come to terms with. Unfortunately, it is too late for me to do anything about sending the letter to the TOC. I wish that I had posted here before doing so, but that is yet another lesson learnt! I think that I was careful not to complain in my letter to the TOC but to mainta
  3. Lol, thanks dx. I will try to stop worrying..... the pessimist in me won't allow that to continue for long though
  4. Hello dx100uk, Yes, this is the young man. Thanks for posting the link. Please accept my apologies but I am unsure as to what you mean when you write "got letter you have not". Do you mean that this foreign man at least received a letter from the TOC? I do really appreciate your input, many thanks for taking the time to reply to me. This, however, is what's worrying me on that other thread: you want to find out what's happened to it and why they haven't read or responded to it. You should also complain to the CEO of TFL that they received yo
  5. The young man who had the problem with non-receipt of letters between himself and the TOC was sddxac. The last post to his thread, a bit further down the list of threads, was on Nov 22 and the title says ***SETTLED BEFORE COURT*****
  6. Ah, it won't let me post the link because my post count is not high enough. Yes, I did write to the TOC before they wrote to me. And I still have not heard from them. They may have binned my letter for whatever reason, but they will have the email version of the letter I sent, plus documentary evidence attached. In deciding whether to prosecute, surely they must read my side of the story before making that decision? I phoned them back in September and asked them if they'd received my email and they said they had. I also told the man on the phone, who was very nic
  7. Thanks for replying dx100uk. My only concern about not reminding them of my case is that elsewhere on this forum I read about an overseas student who was summonsed to court because the TOC had not sent him a letter notifying him of their intention. I think also that when he'd sent his letter of explanation to them, they managed to lose it. I may have got those details slightly mixed up, but I know there was an administrative fault on the part of the TOC. I will try to find his case and post the link here.
  8. By the way, i have never been in any kind of trouble like this before - it is the first time it's happened. Would this make a difference? Thanks
  9. Hi, I can't sleep for worrying about this even though I'm exhausted! I was interviewed by a revenue protection officer on board a train in London in the middle of September, who suspected me of fare dodging. He interviewed me under caution, placed me under arrest and said that my case was being referred to the prosecutions department of the train company for consideration. I still haven't heard back from them and am worried they have sent me a letter which has got lost in the post. Is it normal to wait so long? The RPI had said it would take a
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