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  1. Thank you for your answer, we already spoke with TNT in italy we are waiting now for the results, the uk tnt has been now completly useless. I had a miss call this morning from them, i promptly called back and when i spoke to the most unhelpful rude person, he told me that there is nothing on their sysitem about my complaint and no one tryed to contact me. I will try now to write to the ceo and see why the system has so many flows.
  2. Hello, I'm having a horrible experience with TNT and i had to share, we will never used them again. My sister sent 8 suitcases from italy to uk, payed 400 euro. On the 24th december 7 suitcases arrived, which one has been completly broken, the whole frame is in pieces. One of the bags has been open,the padlock is gone and many items are missing from the bag. They changed the tracking number without letting us know. We called tnt, they don't know where the last bag is, they didn't offer any solution apart from wait and we will call you back,bu. At this point we would be happy if the bag
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