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  1. This is another debt. Sorry I should have said. I didn't think I should start another thread.
  2. I defaulted on my aqua credit card last year. It was on my credit file but it's now been removed. My credit score had gone up. Will it be added again by a debt collector?
  3. Even if it should come off my file this year? Will it be on my file for another 6 years?
  4. Thank you for your reply. My debts are only small but having them over my head is frightening. I have nobody else to blame but myself I guess.
  5. Just looked on my credit file and a debt says satisfied on it. What does that even mean?
  6. Thank you for your reply. I'm going to ring experian and see what they say.
  7. I haven't paid a penny nor have i agreed to pay anything either. So do debts normally automatically come off your credit record after 6 years? I have one that's saying settled. That's from 2007 too and i didn't pay a penny to that either. Thank you for your reply's too.
  8. It also says date updated 12,12,14? My file is full of searches by Lowells. I wish they would sod off.
  9. It just says defaulted in 2007 which was the last date i made any payment to the catalogue. Lowell constantly send me letters, call me and they've started emailing me too. I have no idea how they have my email address.
  10. I have a couple of old debts still on my file 7 years after the default date. I'm still being hounded by Lowell for these old debts which were catalogues and a store card. I thought these were removed after 6 years? I understand that it sounds like i'm trying to get out of these debts but if i could afford them i would pay them. Should i offer a couple of pound per week or continue to bury my head in the sand? I'm frightened that they're going to turn up at my house like they keep threatening to do. Also i had a pay monthly sim that i paid out of my bank. The guy who served me at the shop said it didn't come with a contract and if i wanted to cancel it to just cease paying the up front bill. Which is what i did when i didn't need it any more. I've just noticed that that's on my file too Thank you for your time.
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