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  1. Hi all, quick update, I phoned the bank today, because the payment hasn't left yet they cannot issue a charge back at the moment, but they are now aware of my problem and will look into it for me. Thanks for all your advice and I will keep updating as soon as I know. Thank you to all, Sid.
  2. Thanks for that reassuring comment, I believe it is just this particular branch manager that is the problem here, I can't imagine other pc world managers being this silly about this issue When I left pc world yesterday I went to tesco and bought one from there at nearly double the cost this is the foolish part about it, I wasn't wanting my money back to start with, my intentions were made clear to him, I wanted to buy a tv with good picture quality even if it meant spending more money on one, but he insisted about this 20% charge! Im sure the manager may benefit from a refresh
  3. Yes i could have viewed the tv in store, but didn't. I viewed the product online and reserved it online to collect the following day, I actually paid for the tv in store when collecting. Wether this counts as an online purchase? I'm not sure. Either way it isn't upto LED picture quality as this advert makes out! The quality of the picture is the opposite to what is explained in their advertisement I cant post a link but the product in question is LCD, not LED as advertised.
  4. Thanks for this info, bank is closed now, I'll phone them first thing tomorrow. Fingers crossed
  5. Well... I've been and spoken to the manager at PC World in Bradford, highlighted the fact I want the unfair charge of £70.00 refunded on the grounds that this Panasonic 50" TV is not of satisfactory quality, (very poor picture quality) The adverts both online and in their brochure states it is LED, nowhere does it mention it is a LCD TV. LED tv's are known for their better picture quality, hence the reason I purchased it! Anyway he still refuses to refund stating PC Worlds policy! I asked him if PC world and their policy is above consumer law! He replied " the company pay peo
  6. Thanks to all for the replies, appreciated. I will go tomorrow and speak to the manager again, I won't be holding my breath for a good outcome, but I will pursue to the end. Will give update tomorrow. Thanks again, Sid.
  7. Hi all, yesterday while online I reserved a Panasonic 50" TV off the pc world website, today the 27th December i went in to pay and collect from customer service desk, the cost was £350.00, upon getting the tv home and setting it up the picture quality was very poor decided as I weren't satisfied & to return it, with intentions to look for something better at a higher price, only to be told they would deduct 20% which equates to £70 because I had opened the box! Can anyone advise me if I have been unfairly treated, the tv went back to the
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