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  1. Hi - I looked on the archive. The carpet I ordered was called 'dunelm'. There was no such carpet in the archive - it may not have been old enough, or it may have been a very short promotion. There is another report on this site - the wrong carpet was delivered but it was noticed before it was fitted. The lady's complaint was that Carpetright were not being very quick at putting this right. I don't know what the outcome was. I don't know where else to look. I have posted this story on my facebook page - and been advised firstly to copy it onto the Carpetright facebook page and to tag Carpetr
  2. Thank you for the responses. I paid by credit card. I have been through the 'protection' that this is supposed to afford consumers. I have been told that I do no have a case because I have no evidence that this was not the same as the sample of carpet that I ordered from. There are no records of the samples - my sister even tried by asking a shop in London. They could not be found. The manager of the store brought a sample from the roll from the warehouse to my house to show me that it was the same. He did not seem to realise that this was never in contention - of course it came from the rol
  3. I can only tell you all about my experience with Carpetright and you can reach your own conclusions. When I moved, the carpets needed replacing so I ordered a carpet from the samples in a Carpet right store on one of their 'crazy prices' promotions. The house was empty when it was fitted. When I saw it I know that it was not the carpet that I saw in the store and went straight in to tell them. The sample was no longer available and it had been discontinued. My complaint has been going on for over a year now. I ordered a plain beige carpet and have o
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