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  1. Andy There is no time frame then for the case to expire within a pile of stayed claims? So these cases just sit until the Claimant decides to cough up the fee to get things moving again- is that right?
  2. UPDATE: Received numerous letters from Rectums - with this one received today. It states the following:- "Unfortunately we do not appear to have received any response from our letters. In a bid to resolve our client is willing to accept a reduced sum of £XXX.XX to conclude the Court proceedings and will not pursue the remaining debt. If you are unable to raise this sum out client will accept payment of the debt by instalments. Depending on your offer and the length of time it will take to clear the debt, it may be necessary to record any terms of settlement agreed with a form of a Tomlin Order which is filed with the Court. If this is given by the Court, proceedings remain stayed whilst payments are maintained in line with that agreement and no CCJ will be entered against you (!!!!) If however you breach the terms of any agreement reached, our Client reserves the right to refer the matter back to Court and may enter Judgment against you for any amount outstanding under the terms of the Tomlin Order!!! Thoughts anyone.........???
  3. Well at £255- or even the current £155- it would make it a pretty calculated gamble to guess that you would end up collecting more than you have already spent !
  4. Thanks Andy & Ford What is the cost for wanting to lift the stay and poss proceed to a trial then ?
  5. What does this mean then? The case can just be re-opened when the Claimant `finds` the relevant paperwork ?
  6. dx I sort of understand All I know is a judge wont entertain them without the agreement
  7. **UPDATE** Received letter from Rectums (Restons) today Going on how they have already fulfilled my request under CPR 31.14- which was the letter I received earlier in the month. This letter goes on to state that actually because they file lots and lots of claims through the Bulk Centre- they don't have to provide any enclosures etc etc blah blah blah What they really meant was they had not been given any by `Caput`(Cabot) !! Received letter from Caput themselves today They state very reluctantly that they have not been able to provide anything r.e. S78 within the relevant time period - and therefore they are unable to enforce the agreement (which they don't have) and thus cannot obtain judgment What they didn't state was " We are unable to obtain the documents within the LEGALLY allowed time period" Tut tut- amateurs I say Just chancers- buying lots & lots of debts - of which I guess the majority will be legally unenforceable - but they say their prayers at night on the basis that there are not the people out there who are prepared to challenge them ! Well I did - with the fantastic help of CAG - and at this stage, i would say the final score is ME 1- 0` CAPUT` Keep you posted for the next letter dropping on my doormat - you know, I can already see what that is going to say........
  8. 27th Jan is the last date for you to ack the claim- through: https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome That`s your first action
  9. Would agree- it`s not that difficult- and there is lots of help on the site Research is the key- as there are lots of other Caggers posting through threads where they are fighting their cases If you`re posting the relevant info from your case- all pers info can be blanked out
  10. I`ve got new friends at CAG- and I do really appreciate all your teams help
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