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  1. What letter template do I send please. thanks
  2. no thanks ,I did use an online compound interest calculator to work it out and filled amounts in spreadsheet .cheers anyway ,just curious what first letter to send first ..ie lba ?
  3. hi there ,thanks for reply ,I have calculated ci sheet and want to obviously send a letter ,do I send a lba through small claims or ombudsman letter and what would be best ,it works out 1000 in charges and about 360 in interest .thanks again
  4. have done that ,a sum comes up in compound interest box but doesn't calculate final amount,sorry for being naïve lol
  5. cisheet v101,put dates in also ,would putting dates in different make a difference eg..13/01/16 instead of 01/13/16 ? thanks
  6. hi again ,I have downloaded spreadsheet and put all charges in 1000 in total ,but on compound interest box , a code comes up but it doesn't seem to calculate final amount ,how do I get spreadsheet to calculate final amount ..regards tails
  7. hi there ,have actually received statements ,about 850 in arrears fees ,what is next step and what interest do I use ,have done bank charges years ago but don't want to muck this up if different ,,cheers
  8. Hi there I have been paying 40 quid a month for God knows how long on my Santander mortgage and hopefully can claim this back as another 4 grand has gone on mortgage because of this. Can someone give me a pointer to get started please. Thanks
  9. Hi there, I have been in arrears with santander for a few years on my mortgage therefore I have been charged 40 a month for god knows how long so I am curious as to whether I can reclaim all this, interest and all nearly cleared arrears up now but these charges have put at least 3000 on top my mortgage. Thanks
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