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  1. Hi all, Looking for some help with 3 mobile. I'm currently stuck abroad in Australia. I received a warning text from three stating my roaming would be cut off unless I provided information re an exemption. I provided proof of UK residency weeks in advance with no response. I have subsequently been disconnected completely, with no access to make or receive any texts or phone calls, essentially my sim is useless. I'm unable to receive texts from family and also my important bank accounts which send one time passcodes to that number.
  2. Hi Lee, After all the hassle I had trying to port this number in fully I was still left without voicemail services. Tried to resolve this with customer services for about a month, again being told every time it would be solved within 48 hours. As before this was never the case and I ended up missing a lot of important messages. So I decided to port my number out to EE. On the port date my number I wanted to port was showing when making calls from my EE sim card. However all my incoming calls and texts are still received to my old Voda sim card from which I can make calls and texts too
  3. Hi Lee, Was wondering if you'd be able to contact me again please? Cheers, Cameron
  4. Hi Lee, Sorry to bother you again and thank you for all your help so far but my voicemail service doesn't seem to be functioning correctly. Whenever I call 121 it just hangs up - same if I call 1211. Have been on the phone to customer services and they couldn't seem to see any problem with it. Just wondering if it could be related to the porting issue? Cheers, Cameron
  5. Hi Lee, Was still waiting to hear back from you about compensation for the delayed port, any word on this yet? Also realised i had some credit on the account which hasn't transferred over with the port - was wondering if you would be able to restore this for me too as I leave for holiday tomorrow and would be good to have some credit on the account. Cheers, Cameron
  6. Hi Lee, Would you be able to call me again tomorrow if possible. Thanks, Cameron
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been having an ongoing issue with my Vodafone mobile service for over 2 weeks now. Having a quick glance at these forums Vodafone seem to feature quite a bit which doesn't fill me with hope. I originally requested to port my number from Orange to Vodafone pay and go - originally scheduled to go through on the 10th but actually went through on the 11th. On the 11th my old orange sim lost all signal and new vodafone PAYG sim could make and receive calls/texts showing my orange number - so the port did go through. Since that date though I have been unable to use
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