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  1. Thank you for you reply, i will wait and see what they do next and if they do decide to take me to court i will be back here for help and advice!!! do i still keep ignoring both Lowell and hbos? do i ignore all the letters until court ones appear? that's if they take it that far they may not!! maybe they are just trying to see if i will pay, they must know there paperwork is Illegible making it enforceable. thank you again for your reply.
  2. so now this is the one that came from bos when i cca them, this is all they sent and they said this was exceptable
  3. i will post them up now, this hasn't come from bos this is what i found in the sar paperwork, when i cca bank of scotland for this debt they told me they havent got a copy of the cca but they sent me a copy of the conditions of use! they arnt readable and they arnt the same ones that was in the sar either
  4. Thats what i thought, im sure this bloke didnt have a clue what he was talking about!! he did say though that a cca didnt have to have a right to cancel box, it only had to be in the t&cs on how to cancel and if it costs to cancel, lowells keep sending me the same letters saying that if i dont contact them they will hand my account to there in house collections, ive just ignored them, also dx100uk, please could you have a look at my post 114 and 115? thank you
  5. hi does anyone know anything about the law around ccas changing in april last year? ive just been speaking to the fca and the bloke told me that 1st april last year the ruling around ccas have changed and a dca doesn't have to produce a signed copy of the agreement only the t&cs that were relevant at that time, even pre 2006 debts??? also he said there doesn't have to be a right to cancel box on a cca just in the terms and conditions? is this all true or have i misunderstood him? please could someone put me straight on this as it could change things with the debts im fighting with lowell and hbos, also what if the t&cs are not readable??? thank you
  6. hi im realy sorry but i have no clue when it was terminated, im realy confused with this one, it was with a dca for ages, i was paying them a token payment, then for some reason i stopped paying, i think they wrote to me requesting to review the account, i wrote back and never heard from them again, then i got the letters from bos which ive already posted up that you have seen, thats when i cca them and you know the rest! what i dont understand is they state they cant provide me with a cca as they say they are unable to trace it at the moment, but when i started all this asking you guys for help, you advised me to get a sar from hbos which i did do and it arrived the other day, ive been looking through it and when lowell sent me a copy of my cca that was requested for the debt that lowel bought from bos i posted it up on here and you said it was probaly un-en due to the prefference account bit not being signed, also no right to cancel box, but in the sar paperwork stapled to a copy of that cca that they sent me looks like a cca for the preference account!!!!! i will post it up for you to look at, bos have told me they cant trace my cca but im sure it is in the sar paper work!!! just doesn't make sense, unless bos dont know whats in the sar or that ive even requested one!! sorry if this is a bit confusing, i just dont understand why they sold the loan debt on and kept the preference account one.
  7. Thank you for doing that, i did try to upload them all together but couldn't do it, so what do you think of there last letter? is it just a load of rubbish?
  8. when i recieved this letter, i sent them the standard cca request, and this is what i recieved back from them, it will take me a while to upload the response. so thats what they sent me!!! i responded with this is not a cca request type letter etc and this is there response, so is this all just rubbish?
  9. hi i was wondering dx100uk if you could help me with another problem that has occurred with this debt we've been chatting about, it seems that when hbos sold the debt to Lowell they only sold the loan, not the preference account which was for £500, when all this started i cca all my debts and the only ones that got back to me with a cca was this loan that is with lowell, the preference account that is still with hbos have contacted me after the cca and sent me a copy of the terms and conditions and said this was sufficient and i have to pay the £500, i wrote back to them stating that wasn't the cca and they have responded, if i post up all the letters please can you have a look and tell me what to do next? im presuming just to ignore them??
  10. Hiya this debt isn't on my file and as far as I know neither is my phone number. The crafty sods have got if from somewhere though, maybe they do have a brain cell between them after all!!!! I will just ignore them anyway, will let you know when I hear from them, I'm sure I will get a letter soon, still waiting for the star aswell.
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