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  1. Hi Slick, Just thought I'd let you know I haven't heard a single thing since sending the letter in post #35 No phone calls either. Hopefully they have given up. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Hi Slick, Thanks, will do. I'll let you know what happens next. Thanks for your help! PB
  3. Hi Slick, I posted the letter to DL on 4th Jan 2015 - however this wasn't the cancellation, the letter said: "I have cancelled the DD mandate direct with my bank for the following reasons :- 1. DL cancelled my induction appointments on 2 occasions which is not how I wished to be treated as a new member. 2. When I signed up, I specifically asked if there was a cooling off period. I was told by your staff representative that cancelling would be fine if I had not used the facilities. This is a clear breach of CPUTR legislation. I will only deal with this matter by written letter." I do have proof of delivery for that letter. I sent my cancellation by email. I spoke to the receptionist on 13/12/2014 to cancel, she told me I had to email, which I did on 14/12/2014 and then again on the 15/12/2014 to an email address given to me by DL on Facebook after I complained on their page. Based on the above, should I proceed with the letter - should I send them the proof of delivery for the letter? Thanks for your help, I was just browsing the other DL complaints... there are so many, and you guys have a lot of patience for the same story over and over - thank you!
  4. Hi Slick, ARC Europe sent me a letter: "RE: David Lloyd Leisure Account no: xxxxx Balance: £396.00 Dear Plantbased, We are writing in response to your recent correspondence sent to our solicitors, Marorlaw Ltd. We act in good faith on the instructions received from our client, David Lloyd Leisure. We are unaware of an outstanding dispute on this account. We remain instructed that the above balance is outstanding and must be paid as you did not cancel your membership in accordance with the agreed Terms and Conditions. You are required to provide three month's notice to cancel as per the Terms and Conditions. The balance on this account represents one month arrears (£81.50), three month's notice (£81.50 per month), plus an administration fee due to no payment (£70.00). Please provide proof of receipt from the Royal Mail confirming delivery of your notice to cancel or a letter / receipt from our client acknowledging your notice to cancel. Unfortunately a copy of your cancellation letter is not sufficient proof that you provided notice to cancel to our client. We appreciate that this is not the outcome you were hoping for, however our client has confirmed that they have to remain consistent with all members and process cancellations in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. In order to settle this matter our client has agreed to reduce the administration fee to £20.00. Please be advised that this offer to accept £346.00 in full and final settlement to close your account is made as a gesture of goodwill and on the condition that payment is received within the next 10 days. (then some details on how to pay) We have placed your account on hold for 14 days pending your proof of payment in settlement. However, if we do not receive this, we will be required to pass this account back to our solicitors Marjorlaw Ltd for further action to seek to recover the balance of £396.00" I don't think my contract said 3 months notice to cancel as it was a 3 month contract itself that went on to a month by month payment with one month's notice to cancel (but I need to check this). I don't understand the 1 month arrears part. How should I proceed? This later is dated 22/05/2015 - I've just returned from being away, so my time limit is up. Thanks for your help
  5. Hi Slick, An update following the letter I sent to Majorlaw on your advice... yesterday I received this from them: "Dear PlantBased, Thank you for your later dated 12 May 2015. We wrote to you in good faith and on the instructions of our client who advised us that a payment was due. The contents of your letter are noted however and we have referred the matter back to them for instructions. We will only write again if instructed to do so. Yours Faithfully, Majorlaw Limited" I will wait for whatever happens next. I haven't had a phone call for a few days now. Thanks for your help PB
  6. Will do! Thank you. What happens next? They say they will proceed to issue the claim without further notice if I don't pay. This makes me worried.
  7. Thanks Slick - I have put exactly what you said and left it at that. I have a record of the emails (1 from DL debt collection and 2 from ARC), the phone calls I don't have the dates or times for. On occasion the calls have been an automated voice asking "Are you Plantbased? Press 1 for Yes, Press 2 for No" (or similar)... my mum just hangs up, but we also get some silent calls which I think may be the same auto dialer, but I can't say for certain. I can ask her how many calls she and my younger brother think they have received in total, but we didn't record dates Thanks for your help.
  8. Hi Slick, It's from Major Law Solicitors (www.majorlaw.co.uk). "Dear Plantbased, We act for David Lloyd Leisure and have been instructed to contact you for recovery of the above debt which we understand is still outstanding. We have been referred to previous correspondence sent to you by ARC (Europe) Limited and are not aware of any reason as to why payment is not due. A County Court Claim has now been prepared and is ready to be issued against you in Northampton County Court. The following costs will be added upon issue: Debt Balance: £396.00 Court Fee £35.00 Solicitors Costs £50.00 Annual Interest (to be adjusted pro rata) £31.68 TOTAL £512.68 As you can see the issue of Court Proceedings will mean that the amount you owe our client will increase by £116.68 You are required to send a payment today. Please call our client's agent, ARC (Europe) Ltd, directly on their Legal Help Line 01932 251040 and ask for the Legal Manager, Martin Wicks (they will also accept your payment over the phone by Debit or Credit Card). For full details of how to pay ARC, visit their website at www.arceuropeltd.co.uk You may want to seek independent legal advice or advice from a debt counsellor or the Citizens Advice Bureau or similar organisation on this matter. IF YOU IGNORE THIS LETTER WE MAY PROCEED TO ISSUE THE CLAIM IN 14 DAYS TIME AND WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE" ARC Europe still call everyday, they started calling at 8am now. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi Slick, Received a letter from their solicitor... what do I do now? Help:| Thank you.
  10. Hi Slick, I received a letter from ARC Europe requesting full payment in 14 days or my account will be passed to a solicitor with instructions to prepare court proceedings. They didn't make any further phone calls, just the one my Mum received. They also say I can continue my membership if I call DL urgently... erm.... thank you, but no.
  11. Hi guys, Hope 2015 has been going well! Regarding DL - No response to my letter (it was delivered, I have proof of delivery). They have phoned my landline a couple of times (when I am at work...). I live with my Mum, she advised them to write to me. They didn't but they have emailed me again once (I didn't reply). I have had 3 lots of £70 added to the money they think I owe them, £70 for each DD they couldn't collect. This morning ARC Europe called my landline and spoke to my Mum (who flaps, bless her), gave her his contact details and asked me to call him. I've searched ARC Europe on here, I don't think I am going to call them based on the other stories I have read. So now they say I owe them £450. Could someone advise me how to handle ARC Europe, please? I would really appreciate it. Many thanks!
  12. I haven't replied I'll let you know what they come back with. Thanks for your help!
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