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  1. I'm still waiting for resolutions from quick quid and Wonga. Two more weeks and I can refer to the FOS. This is definitely a lesson learned.
  2. Hey acid53, Good to hear that your taking on WDA as their practices are shocking. My extensions were made by replying to their texts on most occasions and sometimes doing it on their site. They never asked for any additional information they just got me to confirm my details for security before rolling over never asking me for any income/expenditure details except on my initial loan. They have already confirmed in their resolution that their affordability check is done based on what you tell them. I don't feel that this is an appropriate method and think the FOS would agree.
  3. Yip, between 4 and 8 rollovers for 6 loans over 3 years, must have been crazy. WDA agree that "In your complaint you mention the rollover option given to yourself. I can see on your loan, loan ref xxx issued on the 21st June 2011 this was rolled over eight times, each rollover costing £91.25 totalling an amount of £273.75 I do not feel the amount of rollovers you received would have helped your financial circumstances and balance with ourselves at that time”. This confused me as the amount calculates to 3 rollovers meaning that anything above 5 rollovers wouldn’t have been be
  4. Hey hoping someone can give me some advice. I got myself into a stupid situation taking payday loans out. At the time I didn't feel that I had a right to complain and felt really embarrassed about it all. Now I have paid everything back I decided to email wageday advance to raise my grievance. The situation with this company was for three years I took 6 loans out consistently by rolling over between 4-8 times per loan. It was just so easy as they would text me a few times a month offering the extensions and stupidly I did. After initially raising the complaint I then managed to login t
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