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  1. Hi thanks for your response. How should I respond to them? Have they broken the DPA? I am really annoyed at the fact they have lied in the letter. I haven't absconded, I am at the same address where I lived when I took out the TV and when he visited I just said "you aren't coming in to take the TV without the relevant court paperwork". I was shocked tbh at them turning up - the last correspondence from them was August! He did threaten the police on his visit and sat outside for 20 mins waiting for me to change my mind.
  2. We took out a tv from Dial a TV in May and made a few monthly payments. My DD got cancelled due to some financial problems we had at the time, they wrote me 3 letters up until August and then I heard nothing. Around 10 days ago there was a knock on my door. It was Dial a TV coming to take the TV away. I advised them that he couldn't take it there and then and that I wanted him to provide me with a court order etc. He said that he would have to go back to the office and report it as stolen to the police and that he would return with the police to take the TV. The next week he returned but I wasn't in (my neighbour told me) and he just said he would put a card through the door. There was nothing there. I then went to my mother in laws and she passed me a letter which had been sent to her. It basically states that I have left the premises with a TV and they need to trace me!!!!! It also mentions that they will be contacting the police and that I will receive a criminal conviction under the 1968 theft act!!! I am annoyed as I have not moved and they know that - I just asked them to come back with court documents! Surely they cannot send letters to relatives like that????? What should I say to them???
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