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  1. 3 go look, ? these post's are making me laugh, if my intial complaint was a complaint about miss-selling, how can number 2 be miss-selling. It appears that some of you, have misunderstood the concept of miss-selling, which is the following:- "The ethically questionable practice of a salesperson misrepresenting or misleading an investor about the characteristics of a product or service" Since i was not misrepresented by a salesperson or mislead, there is no miss-selling, the whole concept of the banking industries practise to solve their own doing has mislead you guys into
  2. MM69, i can prove it, i do know what i am speaking about, anyway just a little quiz for you guys, i was speaking to a Barclaycard person this evening who was making me aware of one or two things when she said in passing "we are only concerned with miss-selling", bingo, my mind went into overdrive, so here is the quizz (Q1)my account long standing created approximately 2003, in 2007 i made a complaint of miss-selling to liverpool victoria who then run the card, this complaint was looked into and i was awarded approximately £1500 in total. PPI was then removed from my card. was this an
  3. who what when where why, is the key, it maybe cryptic, but anywhere, thank you all for your replies, i have read and digested them all, you are all a font of knowledge, keep up the good work.
  4. mm69 Thank you for your comments, it is a rather interesting arguement, but(you knew this was coming), the deduction of monies started some time after i had cancelled the PPi, there was never any concern that a mistake like what you have mentioned occured, so any policy or direction would never had been carried over. Now to complicate matters, for a total of 15 months, my statements were sent to the wrong address, same road name, same house number but a different postcode, Barclaycard have acknowledged this but have never given me a complete answer, this as you know is a breach of the D
  5. Dx100uk, Sorry, i have just re-read my post and can see the point where you misunderstood what i am saying. Let me put this another way. Tell me, if a bank places onto your account PPI without any consent from you, nor has it spoken to you, is this miss-selling or is it a case of theft. For your information i have made changes to my original post so that you can better understand what i am saying. I do apologise for not making my post clearer, but if i opened your account and took money from it(lets not talk about the safeguards in place, hyperthetically, if i took mon
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to ask, all you out there, who are claiming back PPI on the grounds of miss-selling, this question. Did this premium(PPI) just appear on your statements, maybe it did, maybe it didn't. This story is for those of you who's PPI just one day suddenly appear on your statements, without having spoken to any one from the bank or credit card company about wanting PPI on the account. My story goes like this, long before PPI became generally known for what it's worth, back in 2007 i complained about my PPI on my credit card concerning the previous years
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