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  1. I should add, the CCA request was sent to Cabot Financial and Halifax on 23rd December 2014. I suspect they will claim the requests were "lost during the Christmas post".
  2. Needless to say, I will not be providing anything with my signature on. I know, as do they, they haven't got the documents. They are after my signature to forge them. Happened a while back, as I posted on here. I forged Adolf Hitler's signature onto a letter - I then received a copy of a credit card application form (with the terms and conditions on the back dated 2 years after I took out the card) and was told by the bank "that's the CCA". It had Hitler's signature on it... Anyway, I went to the MoJ website and viewed the Civil Rules and Practice Directions, Part 31: nothing at all abo
  3. Update: Received a letter from the solicitor representing Cabot today (14/01/2015), dated 5th January 2015, envelope stamped 6th January by the Post Office/Royal Mail. Somehow it only arrived this morning. This is in reply to my CPR31.14 request letter of 19th December 2014. Dear sir, Cabot Financial (UK) Limited v. Mr Joel Hall Please find enclosed a draft letter which purports to come from you but which is unsigned. You will appreciate that we must ensure we are corresponding with the correct person and that anyone requesting information is entitled to receive it.
  4. With any luck then, my CPR31.14 request should result in them dropping the claim (although I doubt it).
  5. Yes I've only have two addresses ever and both are showing (I only spent 11 months at the other address, never informed any banks of this or signed to the electoral register there), as well as my fiancee on my account as a linked person. Halifax is linked to my file it says, and my bank (Lloyds) made two checks on me this year which are showing. There are no records of any loans, credit cards, or anything else, and my "score" is 4/5.
  6. OK, I got a Noddle report and... it shows I have nothing! No credit cards, loans, etc, and only my bank has made a search on me. Surely this cannot be correct?
  7. Thanks. I already made a CCA request a few years ago, they claimed to not have one and returned my request and the postal order for the fee.
  8. OK, I have acknowledged receipt of the claim forms and sent a request for the documents to the solicitor named on the claim. What should I do next?
  9. Well, I now know it's not to use Equifax. My request didn't go through, but they have stil charged me, now want me to jump through hoops to get a £2 refund (I now have only 67p left in my account!)
  10. Name of the Claimant: Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue: 17th December 2014 Time to acknowledge: 5th January 2015 Time to defend: 19th January 2014 What is the claim for?: The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s)under a contract between the Defendant(s) and Halifax dated on or about Dec 05 2005 and assigned to the Claimant on Nov 28 2008 in the sum of 2226 PARTICULARS DATE: 28/11/2014 ITEM: Default Balance VALUE 2226 Post Refrl Cr: NIL TOTAL: 2226 What is the value of the claim? TOTAL AMOUNT: 2411
  11. Hey sorry for the delay. My former username was joelhall I believe, but it was some time ago, and I forgot my log in details. The offer I made was to Halifax bank, around 2006/2007. Right, so regarding the link, what specifically do I do with it?
  12. I am currently in the middle of replying online (they have tried various tricks in the past to get my signature, so I shall not be replying in writing nor sending anything to their solicitors but using money claim online), explaining my intention to defend under the Limitations Act and due to the lack of a CCA, as well as not acknowledging the debt or making any form of payment on it.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Does the fact they have admitted they do not have a copy of any contract with me (Halifax, as well as Cabot) mean they will be unable to push this matter? I made an offer to Halifax around 8 years ago (originally the claim is set 9 years ago according to the letter) and have never acknowledged debt to Cabot, Halifax or made any sort of payment towards it.
  14. I was a member of this forum several years ago, and have rejoined with a query relating to the same debt. I took out a credit card with Halifax... around 9/10 years ago. and haven't used it or made payments since I lost my job around 8 years ago due to ill health. Needless to say my insurance didn't want to know, and I am now lumbered with a debt I've made no movement on at all for around 8 years. This debt is now substantially more than it was. I have of course been threatened and harassed by Cabot over the years, and frankly my health couldn't stand
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