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  1. Hia Bill Well I`m not gonna put that on my cv as first impressions and all that. I am as good as i said i said i am and fell fowl to a unfortunate situation but i didn't get dismissed because fraud or because i cant do my job. there loss and i think someone must of had it in for me doesn't make sense really. One door closes another will open.
  2. good morning Well at this stage I could possibly appeal but I think i will put my energy in find a new career. I would like to here some feed back on my next step as far as do I put it on my cv be upfront or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. thanks for the advise bill gonna get out there and find a new job and just be honest .the last thing i want is to be offered a job to just lose it .
  4. Well I have have just arrived home after my disciplinary and was dismissed fro 3 counts of gross misconduct 1. police intervention,2 bring company name into disrepute and aggressive behavior. thank you for all your help any suggestions on applying for a new job with this on my record?
  5. thanks for advise its not changed much but was in a daze right after coming back did speak with my son and found things were a bit different but will take out the bit about changing statement. regards gw
  6. This is a ruff draft of my defense tomorrow what do you think? After having some time to reflect and speak with my son on what happened whilst abroad with the company I would like to slightly revise my first statement. It was actually 6am when my son came to wake me up after being out the night before. I asked him on the night to come back but he insisted he would make his way back instead he has caught a cap without any money and they have held his passport at this point we started to argue and steve said he was leaving I went after him and caught hold of him to bring him back by which time the staff had already called police. In hine sight I could of made better decisions in regards to this matter and sent emails to peter pan, and bat man to this affect. I realize and respect the position I have put the company in and are Sincerely sorry for what happened whilst away both me and my son are. I also realize there are consequences for actions but this was not premeditated nor intentional and after a year with the company I consistently hit my targets, nps,mysteryshops, I Have smoothly adapted through company changes helped follow colleges increased production in my branch in the year , opened another branch and the last time I looked I was 5th in the country. Prospected 2 companies and bout over 30 plus cars and I was just warming up. I worked hard to win a fantastic trip in which I lost half of it along with the money spent whilst there. , I almost lost a relationship with my son , I have never been in this situation before so I have been stressed , not eating properly and not knowing weather or not you have a job I panicked and turned in my notice. If extended this olive branch I will commit to performing at a higher standard then I did before. I can not see the advantage to either the company or myself if I were to leave and we get end up making something good out of a bad situation and a lesson learned. I would like to request that the company ignore my resignation please? Kind Regards
  7. It sounds like they want me to work my notice but that could change tomorrow.
  8. Ya that is what they are saying .......brought the company into disrepute but we were not in uniform , on holiday and the only people evolved was me and my son? I have my disciplinary tomorrow they could possibly make it a lower charge and I would of them to actually drop it once i turned in my notice which makes me feel its worse then it is really. I dont know
  9. Hia Ya beckyHe does`nt . He was my plus one and is 18 of age but, This was part of a company trip . police were called we were in Germany no charges or arrest just a argument between a father and son.
  10. He does`nt . He was my plus one and is 18 of age but, This was part of a company trip . police were called we were in Germany no charges or arrest just a argument between a father and son.
  11. Hello Honeybee First time lol , thought the dates were a bit old on other feed . Nice one Thanks
  12. Hello I recently went away on a company trip with my 18 year old son. We had a argument and the police were called. no charges pressed and no arrest We had to go home with 2 days left of the holiday I was then asked to go into work because there was going to be a investigation at investigation I was suspended with full pay . I panicked as ive never been in this situation ad handed in my notice they responded saying my disciplinary would take place during my notice period. I don't feel my actions warrant gross misconduct but where do you think i stand in this matter any advise would greatly be appreciated.
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