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  1. The law has always worked on the assumption that once the sentence has been carried out the guilty have paid for their crime against society. It seems to me that there are too many of these unregulated and arbitary dtatabases out there which have a huge impact on the lives of people and can contain information that is no longer legally meant to be held on that individual. In the case of criminal sentences, how are those who commit a crime ever able to integrate back into society? Yes, there are always the 'bad uns' but many, many people were foolish in their youth or even committed a 'crime' t
  2. OK, here's one for you. My wife works in sales for a multinational. She travels extensively around the UK & Ireland and frequently clocks up business travel and accommodation expenses in excess of £1000 per month. He salary is modest and after tax etc. she takes home about £2100 per month. The company have issued her with an AmEx card which is in her name. This account, in her name, needs to be paid off at the end of every month. This means that from her £2100 take home on average £1000 is immediately paid to AMEX, if it is not then the card is frozen and she ends up having to fu
  3. - nope - we moved out of the property in April 2015 - This is the first I've heard from them despite writing to them in April 2015 advising them of our new address and proposing a repayment schedule we could afford. I am happy to pay for power we used but decidedly unhappy about the increase in the amount and the sharing of my personal confidential details with a 3rd party (ie my mother)
  4. At the time I was quite clear about where we lived and I informed the creditors where we were moving and when. I've not seen any paperwork at our new address (the one on the notice) concerning a CCJ
  5. thanks BA the creditor is a very wealthy land owner in the East of scotland. I'm still at loss to understand why I have a CCJ dated when I was resident in Scotland. Looking back through my files, it appears that I was contacted in mid May 2014 by the assistant factor at the estate when I informed him of my new address, when I would be moving and that we would honour the debt but required a realistic time to pay. It appears, given the time line, that this information was handed to their solicitors without a by your leave with instructions to collect. I will, howev
  6. Hi all, it never rains but it pours. I have just received a letter from my mother, it is a demand for payment for a debt of £7XXX. It is addressed to Mr C XXXXXX and is posted to my mother's address but demands payment for power used at my old address. I share my late father's initial so my mother opened the letter thinking it was addressed to him. Letter: 8th September Dear Mr +++++++ We are a debt collection agency and we have been instructed by our client Scottish & southern power to contact you in relation to an amount of £7XXX, which their records s
  7. Hi, I've just returned home after a trip away to find a Notice of Enforcement dated 3/9/15 with a deadline of 11/9/15. The debt relates to a CCJ which was apparently issued to me on the 18th June 2014 and is for about £8700, a sum relating to rent for a premisis that was rented out by a LLP I was in until June 2014. The lease required that the holder be one of the partners and not the business as a whole. Now, I was aware of the debt but unaware a CCJ had been taken out, probably because until 02 July 2014 I was resident in Scotland and not in England. I had received notice that th
  8. Hi, Here's one for you. I work as a freelancer. In June last year I agreed to work with a business, the deal was that I would sell my services through their brand and receive 60% on my billings, for months when I did not bill, I would receive a cash payment to tide me over. I signed an acceptance of offer letter with them and started working with them at the beginning of July. All went well and I quickly secured an opportunity to deliver some highly complex services to a large business I know well. I was concerned at my associates capability to support me with delivery and ask
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