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  1. Update, I phoned Lewisham and spoke to a nice man who told me that the debt related to the period after the property was sold, they had not been informed of the details of the new owner (though I swear I rang them at the time). So I gave him the new owners details and he said to confirm what was said by letter which I have just done and posted. He said they would call off Newlyns. So I rang Newlyns to tell them this, the man who answered could not have been less interested and said that they would continue to enforce the order until Lewisham contacted them to request "the file" whate
  2. Anyone? I have not dealt with bailiffs before and don't know anything apart from not to answer the door to them.
  3. I have just returned home and found a "Control of Goods" notice posted through my door saying that I must pay Newlyn £1115 from a property I used to own in Lewisham. I moved away from Lewisham in 2009 for work and sold the house in 2013, in the meantime I rented it out to tenants and always kept the council informed of comings and goings - there were only two tenants in that period anyway. I wanted to sell in 2009 but you know what the housing market was like couldn't give it away then. When I lived in the house up to 2009 I paid by direct debit so it can't be
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