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  1. Izzy,you are controlled by and are a puppet of your environment IE your adverts.Please go and have a word with yourself.M
  2. Thank you for confirming my doubts about Channel 5.Please can you let me know exactly what you did as I may well do the same,even after all this time !
  3. Ah Izzy,I just replied to your silly statement you made on here in June (You should never assume if you know very little !) After the claimant lost her claim through the contracting party we were dealing through she issued papers which I did not deal with in a timely manner!(She had never issued invoices for more than she was actually paid,and if I had replied to the papers in time this would never have escalated Now I will say that what has happened since is none of your business, as you have clearly been paid as a stooge in the facade of that program that all the other brain dead doughnuts watch.
  4. Hello Izzy,I am still here, but have not looked at this thread since 2014 and am up to June 16 It is surprising you are still trying to defend the actions of the show since you longer work in TV Production or for the show !!?? ..You seem to be changing your story, as you say "I phoned the Police and said I had threatened to hit PB", then in a later comment that "I phoned the Police because he had threatened to hit me" ...Although this is not clear from you text!?...Either way "go on hit me " is goading, so a bit silly to say otherwise really ?? ...Please also see my first statement on this thread as to why I did not pay these so called wages. (You are also deluded in your statements, and your Grammar and listening skills are poor) Your program tried to make a mockery of me, and you know that PB acted illegally with his mini assault,along with the other things. Maybee I should report him,what do you think !?
  5. Ok,as you can see MR BOHIL snatched the paper from my hands before I had chance to read it however I could see nothing of Writ of Warrant..Please can you advice how I check if there was a valid one?
  6. Judgement £1717 Execution £111.75 Sheriff Fee £410.93 VAT £82.10 Total £2322.62
  7. No I have not asked for a breakdown of the fees,what will this achieve as I looked into this before and they could charge up to the amount that was on there (Please PM me about this) Tx
  8. Hi,I did check the Baliff charges and they appear to be the maxim amount they can charge. I am applying once again to get the SD set aside.
  9. I absolutely agree Colin and it is my fault for not telling the viewers that in fact The Claimant had already appealed through the contracting company we both used but lost and then decided to file papers through the courts based on a fictitious amount on money. Of course I sent a response to the court (IE copies of the invoices from the claimant) but the court refused to hear my appeal in my absence as requested on my reply saying "It would be inappropriate" The fact of the matter is the court is 400 miles away from my base and I just assumed it was clear cut. Since then the claimant has issued final demands court baliffs and then most recently Mr Bohil (IE she has made a meal out of it)
  10. Hello my name is Matthew Wright - in Slough and I was featured on this programme On the 3rd of June there was a loud banging on the front door and upon opening it I was confronted by what appeared to be a police officer but who I later discovered to be Paul Bohill with a Channel 5 Film Crew. Paul Bohill told me he had a warrant from the High Court to enter the home and collect items to settle for an on going claim made against me by a former contractor to my small business. Paul Bohil then put his foot in the door and using his body weight pushing his way into the house against my will, even after I asked him to remove his foot. He then tried to goad me on by saying "hit me go on hit me", which was a very tempting proposition at the time. I was not given the opportunity to check the so called "High Court Warrant "or validate his identity before he used force to enter the property. Dressing as a Police Officer is false impersonation and misrepresentation of powers. I also noticed in the programme that he went on to say "Mr Wright owes this money" like he is the judge and jury, but Paul Bohill knows nothing of the facts of the case and is simply deluded from TV publicity. A complaint is going to be made to the HCEOA and made public so your advice would be appreciated.
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