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  1. thanks all for your replys. just to let you know i am smilling when i go to look in my bank account. going to start on capital one next.
  2. thanks . for reply. i have got the letters from boston court with the dateand time and judge.
  3. Hi all i am in court on monday with barclays .does anyone know if they will contact me over the weekend to settle up. i dont think they work at the weekends or do they! i read in a thread somewhere that they offered to settle 40 hours before the court date but how do they contact you by phone or letter.:-? thank you. justin.
  4. hi all. i am in court on monday and still havent heard from barclays yet about a settlement. has any one been in court yet or can anyone tell me when they may try and contact me and how. i dont think they work over the weekend and monday will be to late. thankyou.
  5. hi charlotte. go all te way with them. i am in court on monday with barclays and still have not had an offer yet good look and keep on going. justin.
  6. this is not the first time on this site. but the first time ive posted a thread. i have now got to the stage where i am waiting to go to court on the 14th february . ihave got a claim of £3200 plus interest against barclays. i am getting ready for my court apperance with them but dont know what will happen next. is there any cases gone to court yet. my claim started back in august and is still being fort.
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