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  1. Many thanks everyone. All i want to do is get on with my life and be able to support my family. I knew these people where like this, pretty much from day one, but learned to co-exist with them and keep my head down for such a long time, but when they started taking good people out of the equation by lying i couldn't just sit idly by. Such is my nature to right wrongs. All i did was put a cross hair on my chest, but i am probably the only one in the department that can look in the mirror and say you are a good person and you did the right thing. Doesn't pay the bills, but everything happens
  2. Okay thanks for all the advice guys. They have just come back to me after no communication for 8 days and said they had finished the investigation with all the other people involved. No-one has gone anywhere, leaving me in an impossible position to return to work. I cannot even imagine going back to such a hostile environment. All the people that have lied including my immediate superior, who i gave proof to the HR people investigating that he was lying under investigation, has come out of this unscathed. So i have an investigation manager, 3 investigators, and 6 colleagues who have lied i
  3. Thankyou for your reply. I didn't want to bore people to death with all the in and outs but the grievance i put into the Head of investigations was that i believed that over the past seven years i believed that my progression within the company had been blocked. My manager had told me that when he recommended me for the position 6.5 years ago, the previous Head of investigations (who was forced to resign) had told him i do not want him, get (Mr bloggs) to apply. He only told me this after the ex Head of investigations had left the company. Then Mr Bloggs got the job (surprise surprise) but
  4. Thankyou for your input. There is another issue that has arisen through this case and my friend who is at the moment suspended was given a copy (on request) of all the transcripts from the interviews (before the recording) with HR. Now going through them, even the Head of Investigations said that all the allegations have no foundation whatsoever and i think the suspended guy is just prolonging this to get a bit more money and throw muck at people in the hope some of it sticks and he gets off. Everyone else who was interviewed had already got their stories together and because the guy who wa
  5. Right, where to start. I work in a security department of 20 people. 10 in my department, 9 investigators above us and one director. In my 10 there are 8 at the lowest level, with a lead figure and a head of department making up the 10. There are 6 investigators that have 2 managers and a head of investigations making up the 9, and then of course the Director. It is a very large firm and the security department has a very good reputation nationwide. However i believe that i have a rock solid case against the company for discrimination and constructive dismissal and need advice.
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