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  1. AS its refurbished the stores don't deal with it so I am lead to believe. Any way its only a week since I bought it why should I be calling round stores to solve a clumsy problem like this . If they were committed at all to customer care it should be sorted after one phone call. The don't give a damn. I phoned again and pretended to buy one and someone I hope is sorting it out now I had to lie and pretend I was buying one. I should not have to stoop to these depths They then put me thro to the right department. Its being replaced not fixed I hope . All this hassle It wasn't cheap enough for that Thanks for your help .. I will be writing to head office . The problem probably start at the top. I'll get no joy .. I just want what I paid for. Who is the name on the email. I may forward him my emails to customer care.
  2. Hi Thanks Its actually a desktop. When I take the audio cord off the motherboard and reconnect it then reboot the sound works for a while sometimes I get a horrible screeching sound . Then when I reboot again no sound it works for a while then goes off . Its stopped all together now. I've have no reply from HP customer care after trying for 3 days ( the name itself is a joke) To get thro to PC world I pretended to buy a HP envy they told me they are refurbed by HP then they said they were out of stock when I told them I was not having a it repaired and wanted it replaced they claimed they had no stock. I had just put two of them in my pretend sales basket. The story then changed again and they admitted they had stock , they now tell me they will replace it. I'm not confident. at all. They have shown themselves to put it mildly as a bunch of liars. . Ill keep this thread going and see what happens. One thing is certain with PC WORLD if you cant get thro with a problem phone the sales line they will answer right away. Thanks for your help.....
  3. I have just taken delivery of a so called refurbished HP Envy from PC world . Guess what? YES its faulty . A rather obvious fault no sound at all . I emailed them no response then I phoned them a long wait to no avail I then phoned the sales dept and pretended to buy something. Instant answer ( no surprise there) they put me thro to the relevant department after a very long wait they said they would collect it for repair turnaround 7 working days . There is no way I was having a refurbished PC repaired I was passed on to the Helpline another long wait I asked them to phone me back . Up to now no phone call . Its going back and as I promised I would leave a tale my experiences on as many websites as possible. DO NOT BUY A REFURBISHED PC FROM PC WORLD. I hope I have made myself clear. Saved nothing loads of lost time followed by a terrible customer service. I feel I have been lied to and cheated. In fact I have. BE WARNED They are liars.
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