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  1. i can't post images as i am a new user.... Can you try xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. The car was purchased from shepherds in bishops stortford with a full warranty and 11k miles on the clock. We didn't know it had been re sprayed until the damage started to occur recently and the paintwork was assessed. Because the problem is occurring all over the car we know the whole car has been done. Shepherds vw in bishop stortford sold IT knowing this. Is there anything we can do?
  3. Hi All I wanted to get some feedback from people as i feel like i want to take action against Volkswagen. My mum purchased an ex demo car from Shepherds Volkswagen in Bishops Stortford (now managed by the Vindis franchise). It came with a three your warranty and the car has literally just passed it's warranty by about eight months. In the last few months the car paintwork is bubbling. Back panels, side panels, roof etc. VW have acknowledged this is a problem and offered to contribute half of the repair bill. They have also acknowledged through their dealers that "something was d
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