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  1. - Hi Bailiff Advice, Sorry for asking this: The amount requested in the R&R letter is exactly the same as the one due after discounting the payments I had made towards the bill after being in court. So, as far as I can see, the only fee included in the requested amount is that of £30, which was already on the Summons. If they did ask a LO, would they have added a fee to the balance?
  2. This is just a little update. I have found some information about the issue in my council tax saved documents. I've found the court Summons For Non-Payment issued in 2003 (Blue Paper). It contains a fee of £30. I've also found receipts of payments I made after being in court. It all brings the balance to what's included in the R&R letter. Can this help to know if the debt is still enforceable? I haven't contacted the council because I wanted first to look through my papers and see if I had some records. Thanks for your help.
  3. I don't know. I never received any and it was not in the letter. - Thanks for your replies. There's actually something fishy about the whole thing. Before my posting, I did contact the council, and the amount they actually said that I owed was £290,... an amount higher than the amount in the R&R letter. I said the letter mentioned the lower amount of £280 and they said because your last payment was £22, that's why it's £280. How can that be?: £290-£22=£280? the lady was feeling uncomfortable talking to me and wanted to cut the conversation short. As I asked if they could allow a payment plan by standing order, she refused and said that they can't take it back, I should speak to R&R. if you tell me that the real amount should be in fact £205, then it all doesn't add up at all. What I do remember is that many years back, I had council tax arrears, was unable to pay, went to court and told them I couldn't pay, because after the work ended, I was on benefit. I can't remember the exact year. After that, some bailiff came and I told him the same thing. They came again 2 or 3 times and left notices, as I never opened the door. I never heard from them again until now. How long is a liability order valid? - I have been asking myself the same question. There should be a law limiting the time during which councils can pursue people about council tax.
  4. Hello, Need some help here to know my rights. I recently received a letter from a Ross&Roberts company saying that I had to pay council tax of £280. Didn't give any other details about how the debt came about. I called the council and they said it was a debt due on a former property, since 2004. I asked if I could see how to set up a standing order with them, they said no; I had to talk to Ross&Roberts. What bothers me is that, after moving (2011) I did receive a council tax letter, informing me that the account was closed and a new account was opened at the new address. They never mentioned anything about the debt. Does anyone know any rights I have about the issue? They said this was a 14 days notice under which I should pay the full amount otherwise the 'Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 will be instigated' Any help will be appreciated. I certainly cannot pay the full amount right now.
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