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  1. Hi Sensus dont tell the vets you are gong to file a colmplaint until you have all the notes, history, x rasy if done etc on your cat otherwise they could doctor the info.! good luck.
  2. Keep going as I am with the RCVS I am only at tier 1 so who knows if it wil go any further. small claims is another otion oor a solicitor that deals with pet negligence. The vets however all seem to watch each others backs to hard to get them to testify against each other. good luck I will keep you informed this end!
  3. Dear Sensus I found you this http://www.alexanderchambers.co.uk/rowan-morton The RCVS are theregulatory body for vets and they do investigate cases, but you are right onlyabout 10% make it past their first tier, which I think is a resource problem.THey only investigate gross misconduct. An independent vet report would involvea vet trained in legal issues who would look at the patient history, considerwhether the actions of the vet in question fell below the standard of a reasonablycompetent vet, and whether the decisions taken fell outside those that areasonable body of vets would take. You could go to small claims..The fees for small claims are on the justice.gov website. It dependson the value of your claim. I am spending all my energy right now in trying to egt justice thru the RCVS bit dont hold out much hope. I have spent 10 days full on so far writting my reubutall to the vets reponse its emotionally and stressful and upsetting reading all the lies in the clinical notes! However we have to fight vets shoudl not get away with killing our beloved pets. march on or as Vhurchill said we will fight on the beaches, we will fight in the air we wil never surrender! good luck let me know how you get on please
  4. Hi James I did get access to the x rays and took them to a place to get them digitally copied it took me 7 weeks to get them and I now have then in Dicom digital format but sent them to anther vet and they told me sweet FA I think they all stick together to protect each other even though the vet I used was negligent and has falsified his notes but he got everyone int he vets who worked thee also to write sfalse statemnts baccking him up so its me against them. I have filed a complaint with the RCVS but I am only at the first post and vet replied with compete lies again so I have to respond. In the end I threatened them with informing the RCVS and the RVC and told them about the data protction act so thaty worked, thank you! the vets clinical notes were alsoe doctored but its there word against mine!
  5. Hi Sensus. I have a smiliar problem my cat died afer going to the vets for an x ray they sedated here she then reversed it she went into severe breathig difficulty and she died that night when I was trying to get her to a pet hospital from the vets. I tried looking into lawyers but was told animals in the uk are treated as chattel and therefor one can only sue for cost of new pet and costs at vet unlike in the usa where u can sue for the loss. You could prsue them but it may cost alot of money or that is what I was told and then you have to get another vets opinion. As far as I have been comcerend my vet lied through his teeth and have lodged complaint with the RCVS but its a laborious task and only at tier one. vet has disputed all my complaints so I now have to respond to that. you can try that avenue but as sensus says justice may not be served. I dont now the outcome of mine yet but I have come to realsie all the vets stick together and even like I did if you got anyother opinion they would not go agaisnt another vet. I had to fight for 6 weeks even to get cop[ies of the x rays but you can demand those now under the data protection act 1998 section 13.5 they have to release all notes etc to you.
  6. They refued to give me the x rays and said I only oaid for the interpretation of them! I finally got the negatives after a long time only because I agreed to find a copy place and get them courired there and back to them. they would not even let me pick them up or have them delivered special royal mail delivery. They have been obsturcting my every move. They are now being digitally copied at great expense to me. they told me they could not make copies so it has been left to me. I
  7. Hi Guys, Update I managed to get the vets to release the x-rays today and I had them sent over to a copiers but the copiers tell me they are such poor quality they canot be copied! so maybe they did something to them so they know they cannot be copied? I still intend to send the SAR letter though to get all the information but want to try and get a copy of the xrays before I do. If they wont copy because they are so bad wuality I dont know what the next action plan is? any advice...
  8. Thanks Citizen b and hightail. There were definatley x-rays as I saw them the night she died bu they are disputing how many now also. I saw 3 or 4 they say there were only 2. Question: in the letter template for the subject access request at the top where it says account reference number> what do I put there? Do I put my name? Alsi in the letter where it says please suppluy me with all copies of all data that you hold on me... do I also mention my pets name as they may just give me informaotjn on me and not my deceased cat? Do I send it to the registerd office or the actual vets practice as its alarge firm with many outlets? Do I have to pay them £10 and if so I really dont want to go into the surgery again as I want proof I paid and the letter was recieed so would I be better sending a cheque or money order and a registred letter? I cannot e mail the letter can I as I ned to enclose the £10? I guess there is other evidence in the data they hold on me and my cat that maybe uselfull for me to take my case further? Hightail did anything happen further for you with the RCVS holding the vet to account? Iwonder how many people actually take legal action against the vet?
  9. Forgot to add I paid by credit crd and it has gone through so they have the payment but I dont have copies of the x-rays depsite requesting many times fromally in e mails and letter. It makes me think they are hiding something as she died in their care that day and she only went in for an x-ray! The £10 mentioned to get this access request report... who do you make the cheque out to for the £10? As stubborn as they have been so far they will probaly ignore the request so back to square one?
  10. Hi, I asked the vet and now the mangaer of the whole practice (they have about 30 surgeries) and he is more stubborn than ever. I have requested in letters and many e mails and nothing they won't budge. I guess they want to try and make it as difficult as possible for me in hope I wil give up. Is this subject access request just that letter in the template and do they by law have to give me all the recrods as the x-rays were in my pets name. For instnace the blood tests whichI do have say owner/ patient name as my last name then coma with my pets name with my address? not sure what the x-rays ay on them as have not seen them.
  11. Hi again. It is not for an individual though it is for my cats x-rays. Does it apply to an animal and the vet have to comply? Thanks for the help
  12. what is a "subject access report" and will that help me get a copy of my cats x-rays from my vet who so far has not given me them depsite many weeks of asking?
  13. Citizen B. I did read it but it doesnt mention about obtaining x-rays only something called "subject access required" does anone know wat that is and if that helps me?
  14. Thanks for the link Citizen B Will read.
  15. No she was not insured unfortunatley but any help in how i get them is appreciated.
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