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  1. That I accept and concede I just feel that many members are confused when they are told there is no right, that in my eyes tells people that they are of no value. We all have rights as living sentient beings its the chains placed on us that trick us into thinking we are less :-)
  2. Bit late but just got up. An appropriate adult due to you anxiety can be anyone you choose so a family member or friend can go with you as has been stated above. Something I have discovered by the way as I have been involved in this is that if they attend as an appropriate adult they can speak on your behalf unlike if they attended as a general witness which carries restrictions. Bill
  3. If you are empolyed and contracted to follow all company procedures the company is required to provide full training in all areas and to record that you have recieved that training and any follow on training If that was not done then you cannot be held accountable and so have a good case there should you be dismissed. Did you get the name of the bank clark you spoke to at first order? The company cannot prove you did not make the call if you cannot prove you did. Phone records will prove if you did or did not make that call. The first order you say the department manager and head of security stopped and got your colleagues to check re: the driver I'm assuming they allowed that order to be processed and dispatched? If so, then you can show that this is a normal part of working practice which goes against what the company are saying. It looks to me like the company have took a large hit and are wanting to place blame down the chain so knock it back up the chain. Again as is said time and again if you are not a member of a union join one. Bill
  4. I disagree about there being (no right,) we have the right to be represented at every stage of investigation, people seem to miss that point; ( had this discussion with managers before when I have been asked to go into a "bog standard meeting" ) irrespective of any opposition the company may have. I have had members go into what they felt was a "bog standard meeting" which is an investigatory meeting no matter what they call it and said something that was twisted later at discipline. Yet I understand that companies have a policy to discourage representation at initial meetings. I think the rep is the one who is best placed to advice on at when to call in the rep based on knowledge of past practice by the company. That's just my view though. Hope her meeting goes smoothly btw Meg&Mog. Bill
  5. LOL I love that sentence your dispute has not been upheld. Who decided the merits of your disputes? Oh yes that's right, the ones who say you owe them money. I'd be inclined to email them back and ask for proof of a valid claim as they have not yet shown liability I would also advise them that should they persist in harassing you, you will report them for demanding money with menaces :) For a bit of fun why not include an itemized bill that you want them to pay for time spent reading their email from the work put in typing a response and wear and tear on your joints through typing and sending them your reply. If they have not shown full proof of claim tell them to take a jump.
  6. The union will advise you to be open and honest so joining one so as not to answer questions won't be of much help also for the union to best support you ,you will need to discuss your issues with the rep It is advisable to be in a union for support and guidance. Bill
  7. Regarding the rep If rep not available she can and I would say she is best to adjourn the meeting until a rep is available, no matter what the rep has said as they have no idea what will be said in that meeting. If Lado have stated it is not a safeguarding issue that is in her favor and she can request further training in how to manage this type of situation should it ever arise again puts the ball back in the company's hands and highlights training issues. Bill
  8. Sorry for being an ass I totally understand and to be honest thinking about it, I'd do the same tell him to keep scrapping take the fight to them and get a good lawyer on his side. Bill
  9. He can express his desire to be reinstated however your are correct the company don't have to and just go for costs. One thing I would say is if they have treated him so bad why would he wish to return? I'm not only asking that question but I am sure the appeals panel would do to. Not having any experience of this part of the process I am unable to speculate. Bill
  10. You can do nothing right these days in the care/support network I got out of it years ago after an alligation against me and swore never to go back into it I used to work in the mental health field. Glad you got a rep sorted for her and fingers crossed it's just a storm in a teacup. Bill
  11. I quick update on this. All staff have now joined a union ( good ) all staff have had the union pep talk. Now previously the current employer told the tupe staff who are being made redundant that at change over to go to the new provider and if turned away go for unfair dismissal ( BTW the consultation that should have started this week with the new contractors has not started. ) The union however have told the affected staff that when the contract ends to go into work with their current employer until they are served notice? Now personally I feel that that is poor advice basically because If they go to the old employer the new contractor doesn't have to deal with the legalities and can wash it's hands of the matter as the effected staff would in theory not be their staff if they remained with old employer ( Hope that makes sense? ) And then the old employer can say OK we have lost the last contract we no longer need you we are serving notice bye bye leaving the effected staff with no recourse? Is my thinking right on this as I'd be inclined to go with the original advice. Come on minds lets pool :) Bill
  12. The young lady is working for the company and whilst it is admirable that she is continuing her education she is also in the real world where she has to make choices sometimes hard ones. We may feel the company is being heavy handed but lets face it that's how the company obviously feels it needs to progress. The company are there to make profit not to service the needs of it's employees outside of it's contractual obligations whilst I feel for this young lady. If the company are unable or unwilling to make adjustments she may need to look at a new course, leave college or resign from work. Can she take study leave? Is she in a union who can advise knowing that companies policies/ Decisions Decissions Regards Bill
  13. I totally agree with Sabresheep It is important to state the reason for appeal but to not make your full case until the appeal begins always hold your cards close is what I'm saying. Bill
  14. As stated in a previous post we have a Mastiff Boxer bitch which was a rescue dog we have had 3 other rescue dogs in the past one GSD one Jack Russell and a Staffy cross and we used to rescue ferrets at one time so I am fully aware of the effects of irresponsible breeders but also of owners who due to circumstances had to give up loved pets. Again I would not Tar all breeders together with the money brush. Bill
  15. Company policy dictates if the pay is docked for lateness, I remember one employer who used to dock an hour if you were more than 15 mins late. It's your responsibility to clock in on time imagine the money a company would loose for paying everyone who was late. You weren't made to work without pay you chose to accept a job where the company policy indicates pay will be docked for lateness. Not sure about the holiday issue as we don't know the details about when you left that they used to calculate your holiday pay. If you worked Reg 40 hours on a 16 hour contract, it's my understanding that they should use the 40 hours to work out holiday pay, but only if it was regular ie every week not just here and there. Union membership would have been advisable it's good to see that you are in a union now. Bill
  16. Sorry I have to agree I get into work 1/2 earlier, even though I drive and could leave home 10 minutes before my shift starts. She needs to check earlier busses and possibly alternative buses etc. As a backup pedal power too. Bill
  17. You can be suspended with the lines ( following a complaint that we need to investigate, or you are being suspended whilst we investigate an allegation. In very sensitive cases the full facts will not be given at the time of suspension. That is my understanding. ) When your daughter is called in she will be told the full allegation and it will go from there. Again, as has been said before, Is she in a union? The union are best placed to advise at investigations and if it is a conduct or capabilities issue they can advise. It's a waiting game at the moment.
  18. You wish to appeal as you feel the process was not followed correctly and that the dismissal may have contravened the companies' own policies and procedures. Also, you feel that case has been prejudiced. 3 days to put in an appeal is a joke though in my opinion. Your husband lying to the Jobcentre I'm sure is irrelevant to the original post so not a matter for discussion here as I am sure you are probably annoyed with him privately over that. If i'm wrong i'm sure I will be corrected henceforth You may wish to start a new thread on that in the appropriate section. I'm sure this is a tough time for you but stick in there things have a tendency to balance out with time. Regards Bill
  19. Thanks for all the replies it shows that this is an area for debate. To pay top dollar for a pup with restrictions is naughty was one comment and that's an area I think is a good point because if you pay top dollar you will want to ensure good breeding and not indiscriminate breeding in my opinion However, at £750 whilst he was at the higher end he still falls short of the £1260.00 I saw from one breeder GSD can have as many as 12 pups so at the higher end prices £650 and over it is a very lucrative area so it is in the best interest of any breeder to vet other matches. We have a cross mastiff boxer bitch rescue dog which cost my daughter over £100 from the dogs home she was in a state as a pup and to see her now in comparison she is a totally different dog and the first job when she was old enough was the snip. We spend more money out on dog food each month than we do on the house shopping LOL but hey as a responsible owner what can you do? Totally agree with unscrupulous breeders and whilst this may cause controversy in some the trend of breeding GSD with sloping backs which walk on their hocks as you are seeing more in the US is a real cause for concern to me as the KC in the US have allowed this breeding practice to flourish by accepting the breed. If breeders truly want better health, longevity and gene pools why are the KC allowing this abuse of breeding? Again to me it seems like breeders and cold hard cash is talking what are others thoughts?
  20. That's a fair point but as you say in some ways the policies can be seen as restrictive and protectionist and the more cynical may say protection of breeding profits I know some pedigree dogs not KC registered go for around £250 in the case of GSD the lower end for KC reg GSD can be £350 - £400 I did my homework on my breeder who actually lives 5 minuets away in the car and went for the higher end of £750 based on his parents credentials I'm happy at that. Bill
  21. Thanks for all the information it made interesting reading. I have just highlighted this as it is relevant. As stated in the title the breeder states I ( holistically ) anyone who bought the last litter cannot breed and KC the pups not that the dog cannot be bread I totally accept the terms and have no intention of moving from that directive They actually stated that if I wished to put him to stud then to get back to them so they where very supportive. Yes they have the knowledge and are best placed to advise. So I would assume that if someone wished to breed a bitch the original breeder is the one who chooses the stud not the perspective bitch owner after say in the case of a GSD the hip score is good and both dogs have shown very good temperament? I have owned GSD in the past, never breed them I will say. So was happy to pay top end for my boy and spent the best part of 14 hours checking the temperament between my boy and another potential pet. I wanted to see how he reacted to children, noise, other dogs what he was like at feeding time how he coped with child attention, if he was independent his own boss or was happy to take a submissive pack attitude. I then chose my lad. Any others have views on this subject? I know it's move technically from advice to general discussion, but feel the thread still has legs. Bill
  22. As stated previously, I am not looking and will say was never looking to breed. The question was with respect to the terms of sanctions and their legal holding on others with respect to registering of pups that have been sired by a KC gegistered dog. You say if someone wishes to be a member and work within the organization can do so, That's fine however if you have a dog cat ameoba that you wish to breed if the contract from the seller states you cannot register any of the offspring then being a member of said organization seems irrelevant. The original post is not about saying i want to register pups I've made that very clear. It's about peeling back the layers and discussing the rights and wrongs of a policy which could be seen to create a manopoly. ( Definition of manopoly: the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service. ) I think a contractual sanction barring others involvement could be seen as creating a manopoly. It is hoped that people don't become defensive over what should be a simple and sensible question deserving of some constructive feedback. If someone is a member and breeder with the KC maybe you can explain the policies and processes so others are better informed. I understand and fully accept the wish to keep the genetic and health integrity and pureness of a breed but lets face it, I was watching a documentary some time ago about how selective breeding of a number of KC recognised breeds has lead to some major health and physical defects so you then question the health aspect of breeders claims. I hope this does not turn into a destructive debate, but that it opens constructive dialogue where people can be educated should they wish to be. Regards Bill
  23. Can I put my two pennies in here? As you have said the company is restructuring and as such the position your OH currently holds is being made redundant, however the company have offered your OH a decreesed position but keeping his current pay band. If the car band side remains simmilar then effectively the company have done all they can at the moment to ensure your OH is not to adversly affected. What I would be asking is are any bonus / wage increases going to be in line with his current package or will they decrees if so are any elements of his current package protected for a period allowing him over time to fall into line with others in a similar role? Also, as the position is becoming redundant should your OH refuse the new package they could terminate his current contract and offer the new package then it would be down to your OH if he wished to accept or walk away. At our place there is a restructure in process at the moment, meaning most of the team leader and some manager posts are being made redundant the company could have terminated their employment but instead after talks with the union have offered a step down whilst offering compensation as the current package was exempt from a policy of protective pay. All in all, if your OH is not financially being affected then he is pulling in a half decent deal. What I would be more concerned of is why he has been told not to apply for the management role? Just my thoughts Bill
  24. If your actions did not result in a formal discussion or disciplinary at the time it's unlikely to happen now. I would advise as part of the company policy I assume they are working from that you say we are offering a store loyalty card would you like to take one at least you have then done your part and you are not then pushing cards onto people merely giving the customer the option to take one. Bill
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