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  1. So bit of an update Below is email sent to BT. The issue is now not the money but the impact on them reporting to credit references unpaid since Feb This was not showing on credit karma or experian, who he has been with for a while, but checked clear score tonight and it is on there as missed payments. I can honestly say they had no communication from BT. Please accept this as a formal complaint in regards to my account. I expect a quick response considering the impact this has caused. I have been a customer with BT for a while. I upgraded my br
  2. Yes. But it was the face they wanted 380 upfront before restoring any services even though it is clear it was their fault. My son in law was in a position to pay, but others may not have been and this could have really impacted on them
  3. Hi, Thanks for responses. they wiped the other amount if the 380 was paid, now nothing owing. Emails, everything been checked, no demands for money. Typical after 6 months they would send demanding letters. They had tv and Internet and during this period services were not cut off at any point. Also credit report shows payments made on time and son In law checked this all the time to be vigilant on credit score and nothing alerted on there. They have a decent income for a young couple so set up dd and did not feel the need to check .
  4. It is residential. Not long been self employed, and in between been employed. Everything was set up by dd. BT even let them upgrade the Internet 2 months ago, but did not refuse on basis bill not paid. No letters, nothing and normally would cut you off after not paying for a month. Yes they should check outgoings, but young couple, and everything by DD. They obviously realised they made a mistake by halfing it. Just wanted advice really
  5. My son in law sent me this ....after some advice our Internet got turned off today (19th January) I rang up and said hi can I make a payment and find out why it hasn't been taken out of my bank, he said are you aware you haven't made a payment since February 2019. I said no that can't be right, I upgraded my package just over a month ago and they never said a word about owing money and just let me upgrade, I haven't received any letter or indication that I owed any money let alone a years worth of bills! I asked why no one had let
  6. do i sign letter with old name or new one lol? thanks for your help
  7. This is the first I have heard of it for years. I remember having a card at an old address but this was well over four years ago. Lowell state they have wrote to me numerous times and they may have but I cannot remember and it definitely is not showing on my credit file, i checked all. Amount was for £437 and they offering £109. It is also in an old name, i used my foster parents surname when i was a child and stopped using that surname a long time ago, it was never change legally. I was married in 2008 and stopped using it around 2006 I think. Last payment would have been over 5 years ago.
  8. Hello all I have never posted on this site but often read threads and gained valuable information. I am seeking some advice regarding a letter i received today from Lowell regarding a very old capital one account, I am not exactly sure how old but got to be 5 or 6 years. Basically letter is offering me 75% discount if I pay within 15 days. This account is not showing on any of my credit files (I monitor regularly). I do not want to pay if they are then going to report it to credit file as i have worked hard to sort out old debts. I had a similar offer a few years ago on another account w
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