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  1. I have not got that on this. All it has got is your contact details, track, about the hearing: hearing venue, expert evidence, witnesses, hearing and sisignature.
  2. There has been a SAR done I believe. Also done crime number. Still waiting on papaper work from SAR if been done. Filed the directions questionnaire just got send it.
  3. Hello. had a letter from bw legal, says our client intends to contine with the claim. Also got a direction questionnaire today. Still had no paper work from the lowell portfolio 1 Ltd. Will fill in form but what do I need to do nenext as looks like it will be going court. Many thanks.
  4. Send email to Lee just in case don't get it. I am free 6 today tomorrow 2.30-7.30. Thank you.
  5. I found it. Do I just say defending on the site. I have never done this before and have no idea sorry
  6. Only thing that was on thee was #8813631. Nothing else. Thanks for this.
  7. I had no letters about this. Had a phone call and said that I never had a contract out don't answer 0800 etc numbers if can help it. No idea when this was done. about 4/5 years back my purse was stolen with my ID and signature inside as had paper work in there. People have before used my ID before to get things. Any help please as feeling very worried and scared at mo.
  8. This thread is for my daughter. She has received a court claim from BW Legal on behalf of Lowell Portfolio regarding a Vodafone debt. This is not her debt. She has never had a contract phone with any mobile company so I am assuming this is ID fraud. The court claim should be here Thanks in advance. Silverfox1961 [ATTACH=CONFIG]54789[/ATTACH]
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