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  1. Spoke with the Credit Reference Agencies this morning and they confirmed it was Motormile that put the default on, not the OC.
  2. I also think it's extremely sneaky of them sending out a 'final response' letter that actually missed 90% of what I asked them to look at and provide. Obviously a tactic they deploy in the hope you send the ombudsman this letter hiding the main facts. I have reported this issue to the ombudsman already and sent in copies off all correspondance so they will see they didn't address the issues I raised , their letters are so inconsistent and mixed up. I will contact the FCA, ICO and CSA today also. I need to get this sorted sooner rather than later.
  3. Thanks. Thats another thing. The OC is not even mentioned on my credit file let alone a default from them. MMF have slapped me with one from 25/09/2009 when the supposed loan was still owned by the OC!
  4. Hi DiscoDav, Thanks for that. I just got a letter from them yesterday, stating this was their final response. It was passed the 4 weeks they said the would respond and for some reason they said they were responding to an email I sent them, I've never emailed them in my life! I asked them for a true copy of the signed and executed agreement for the alleged debt and current statement of the account along with all other related documents. I also included a £1 postal order to cover the costs. All they sent me through was the loan agreement dated 3/09/2009, the default on my credit file is dated on the 26/09/14 (i wasnt aware a default can show on your file after 23 days). The thing I'm most annoyed at is as I was getting a mortgage 3 years ago I referenced my credit file to ensure I was all ok. Everything was and I got my mortgage but ow I'm looking to remortgage and I'm afraid I wont be able to as this Default has just appeared after 5 years with no warning or no communication. I spoke to the Ombudsman and they said they would find it hard to deal with this because the head office for Pounds till Payday is in Malta and out with their jurisdiction. I'm looking to know from anyone out there, Can MMF slap me with a default after 5 years of no communication at all from the original creditor? Is there anything else I can do? Or do I just pay the amount and wait till the defaut becomes statute barred in September which I really dont want to do. Also Is it true that a debt becomes unenforceable after 5 years in Scotland? Regards,Gavanj. P.s. They had the cheek to send me back the postal order I sent them, which is now useless as it is addressed to them, as a good will gesture.
  5. Hi Disco Dave, I've been looking through this forum because I have been unfortunate enough to receive the exact same letter from MMF stating I owe money from a Pounds Till Payday loan. The dates on my letter are exactly the same as yours and I never once had any corespondance from PTP in over 5 years!! I too sent MMF the letter drafted by BRIGADIER2JCS as well at the £1 fee and got a response saying they aim to deal with this within 4 weeks, and they would be in touch if more time was needed. Over 5 weeks on I've heard nothing, and this default put on by MMF is still on my credit file.Did they ever get back to you or did the default just disappear with no communication?Regards.
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