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  1. Well god loves a trier She has messaged me about the one burnt work top Apparently she cannot have it mended and she wants me to pay for three new work tops at £74 each and pay for it to be installed. I have asked for the age of the kitchen but she has just responded with ****ty emails.mi have gone onto the deposit website and claimed my deposit back and now she has sent me a ****ty email saying I'm fraudulently trying to claim my deposit back.
  2. To be honest I would prefer not having a face to face meeting with her as well. She has tried to be incredibly rude to me down the phone and I don't think I could handle that face to face.
  3. Sorry I might not have explained myself correctly My tenancy ends on Sunday and she says she has workmen coming in on Monday so she wants me there for end of tenancy. I can't wait till this whole thing is over.
  4. She is saying because my tenancy ends on Sunday she has workmen coming in on Monday to do repairs so wants me there. I'm not back till next Friday. I've asked for three separate people to go and view the property so they can act as witnesses for me. I have tried to fulfill all her requests and all I'm getting is threatening texts off her. I have agreed with her about the damage to the bedroom door and the burn on the kitchen work top. The carpet is knackered and will definitely need replacing. I have asked her for proof of when the carpet was fitted and when then the property was decorated. I contacted the estate agents about the situation and they have advised me as well.
  5. This woman is a nightmare. I have gone to the property. Done a final deep clean. Had the carpets shampooed and cleaned (they still look knackered) and changed the toilet cistern to a white one. I have filmed the property when I walked out and took a meter reading and dated it with the days paper. So anyway. I have now gone away with my family for new years. My tenancy on the property ends on Sunday. She is demanding that I be in attendance for Sunday. I have explained to her that I'm on holiday but she says she wants me there and throws in the threat of in case it goes to "court" She has keys to property and I have put my copy of the keys into the key vault at the front door. I'm over a hundred miles away from home at the moment and she has been sending me stupid texts all morning. What should my response be?
  6. After reading some of the previous threads that cover similar ground I have begun drafting a letter to be sent to the landlord. I have requested information on when the property was last redecorated and when the carpet was last relayed. The age of the cooker when we first moved in four years ago give and I have given details and dates on when the cooker and toilet cistern broke and how they ignored our calls to replace them. They are unhappy that I replaced the broken cistern with a black cistern. I'm going back to the property tonight to revarnish the doors and to give the cooker another clean. This was my first rental property so I made the classic mistake of not photographing when I moved in. They are also saying I need to replace the old acrylic bath. This woman is a total nightmare. Any other advice would be really appreciated.
  7. Sorry if I didn't make it clear She claims the damage I have done is far greater than my months deposit and she will be issuing a county court judgement against me.
  8. Hi thanks everyone Having spoken to shelter they have told me because I didn't end the contract with the landlord I would have to pay another months rent and I should make a complaint about the estate agents. The landlord is now being a nightmare again. They viewed the property today and have sent me several text messages about how disgusting the property is and they will be taking me to court. They claim the flat needs a professional cleaning company to come in and clean the property. I said I was happy for the cost of that to come out of my deposit but she wants me to pay for the property to be recarpeted and decorated. Also replacement of the cooker and a new toilet cistern. I contacted the landlord around a year ago that the handle of the toilet cistern was broke and the main oven on the cooker had stopped working. They would not do anything about them so I replaced both my self and have left the cooker in the property. The woman is sending constant threatening texts and has even started ringing my parents saying she would sue them. When I first rented the property I thought I might need my parents as guarantor but I passed the credit check so did not need them but she still has my contact details. I freely admitted that my son damaged one of the doors putting stickers on it and it would need a revarnish but she is insisting the door needs replacing. So long story short she has got an extra month out of me. She wants to keep my complete deposit and wants even more money.
  9. I emailed on the 1/11/14 I received an email confirmation from the estate agent stating they would forward it to the appropriate person. It was a simple email giving all my details and giving the date I wished to end my time of occupation of the property.
  10. Thank you So what do I do in regards to the nasty phone calls to my parents saying there liable? Monthly rent commences on the fifth of each month I contacted the estate agent saying I had lost contact details for the landlord and he said email it to me and I will forward it to relevant person This is my first time handing back a rented property so thought nothing more of it So if its a matter between la and ll should I just forward relevant emails to ll? Thank you very much.
  11. Cheers Should i also contact the estate agents tomorrow to make sure they forwarded my notice? I knew the landlord would be dodgy When I first was gonna move in she tried to demand two months deposit because I have a young son It was only when I refused and was gonna back out that she changed her mind She is also demanding that the garden needs attention and that the place is in such a state that she will be unable to rent it to anyone else Apart from maybe a bit of weeding we left the place in pretty good shape. We gave it a good deep clean and I made sure to take dated photographs of every room when we left on Friday.
  12. Hi everyone Just looking for some advice really Rented a property for four years Me and the missus decided to move We no longer had any contact details for the landlord so we contacted the estate agents through email The said just email over a months notice that were leaving and they would forward it to the landlord We moved out on Friday not hearing anything from the landlord Having not heard anything from them in the four years we lived there I assumed they had retired abroad This evening my parents receive a ****ty phone call from the landlord saying we had left the property without giving notice and that we owe them a months rent (My parents where guarantors) The landlord left a contact number so I text saying I had given notice with the estate agents and they said they would contact them as I no longer had contact details for them The landlord has come back with that because I didn't give a months notice I will need to pay rent for another month until January fifth. My response has been that I used all reasonable means to give notice and would be happy to provide all email correspondants with the estate agents. She is insisting that I owe another month. So where do I stand please?
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