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  1. it was the hp who cancel it and ask for car so I will not pay no fee as this there fault
  2. well good news car has gone back to them now ....... now just waiting on my cash to pay back to me like them say :)
  3. not resolution yet pal as we are waiting for a letter and car to be pick up as linze say on fone
  4. is she from the Durham Road Trading Estate, Durham Road, Birtley carcraft
  5. srry about my spelling as iam distleit
  6. the finance company or say the car has to be in my bother law name and he can not add any one the insurance so wot carcraft say was all wrry info to us ...so now car just siting here in yard and can not be us it
  7. ok iam Darren frist off my bother law got the car for me
  8. all paper work is in my bother law name but carcraft say that hp wood been in my botherlaw name and car wood be in my name .... so with them say that them give me a 5 day cover note to drive car away ....then it came back the logbook was in my botherlaw name to so I was driving about with no cover on car ...... so my bother law just wot to send car back and have no more [removed]them .....
  9. The finance ring my bother and say me wood have to put my bother insurance so I do a week later ring say u bresh the conure so you got pay for car in full and them r still take the cash eve mouth for car so we just wot to no is there any were we get out it all and give them the car back and have non to pay
  10. We can afford the insurance
  11. My bother got the for me and carcraft say the car be in my name the logbook so I can get insurance for it them give me a 5 day drive away cover note then we find out the car was not in my name was in my bother so I drive about with no cover on car as law say only the reg keeper can drive it and now we got a car that I can not driver to I pay half of it off and we send car bk to them them wood sell car at sale and we wood have to pay the out stand ing cash
  12. Darrens brother, I took a car out for Darren since he couldn't get the finance to get it himself from car craft, everything went okay all the paper work was done then after a month the finance company got in contact with me demanding full payment for the car because I had broke the contract due to taking out finance for a 3rd party which I wasn't aware of while buying the car carcraft had told me they had done this loads of times with other customers and that it was perfectly fine.
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