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  1. Hi thanks again, They said they take the Pro rata pay 11,725 and divide it by 12 which is the 979 i was paid each month for two months. This still wouldn't work out though because they are averaging out payment. Their explanation was quite confusing and they seemed rather annoyed, maybe fairly so, so that's why I looked for advice elsewhere. They basically said we pay like that and some people leave at a time where they benefit from it and some people don't (leaving shortly after the summer would be very beneficial) . I guess my main question is are they supposed to work out my pay based on the amount of weeks hours I worked (in which case I think my maths isn't far off it being wrong) or do I just get what they have given me and that's just part of leaving a pro rata contract. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Hello, yes it was a permanent contract, I never actually received a written contract as I left before it came, however I had my offer letter that had the pay i mentioned. But still if you leave before the year is up should they work out how long you worked for and pay that amount or if you just get what you were given up until that point. Thanks again
  3. Hello and thank you for the reply. Yes that should read either figure is more than I was actually paid. My contract ran until the 31st which meant that I was paid two months of wages. The half term was 5 days and i was entitled to be paid for 4.6 of that. This would usually mean that I would have been overpaid by 0.4 of a day but my confusion is they pay pro rate in equal installments they take your full year contract pay and divide it by 12 to pay you equally every month even though the hours you work month to month are not equal. So when I finished i'm wondering if they should have worked out and paid for my actual time worked or not? As they said to me they pay monthly and that's how it is, depending on what time you leave you're either better or worse off. Thanks again
  4. Hello, I see nobody yet has any information they can share on this topic, if anymore information is needed feel free to say what and I will add it in. If not even a recommendation of where else to ask, or if it needs changing to a different area of these forums, Thank you.
  5. Hello, I have recently finished working a job, the job was at an academy and was term time only and therefore pro rata pay. The working weeks were 39weeks a year. My pay was for 39 weeks a year plus holiday entitlement of 5.67 weeks a year. So i got paid for 44.67 / 52 weeks a year. The full time pay was £13650 and pro rata'd to 11.725.77 a year. They divided that payment into 12 installments which made it £977.15 a month. I worked from 1st September until the 31st October This was 8 working weeks and 1 week which was half term. I was paid two installments of £977.15 = £1954.30 Due to the way the pay is worked out it means that if you worked there for a year some months you would get paid when you hadn't actually worked and this would all balance out over a year, however due to the fact that I left early I think i might be entitled to some extra pay as I won't benefit from that. So if I get paid for 44.67 weeks a year at £11725.77 and I worked there for 9 weeks, means if 11725.77 / 44.67 = 262.49.. I worked for 9 weeks which is 2362.47. Or excluding the half term I actually worked for 8 full works which would be 2099.92. Either figure is less than the £1954 i was paid. Is there a way of working this out any better? Because the pro rata pay is evened out over 12 months and that means that you are getting paid sometimes when you are not working I feel I have missed out on some money. Any advice would be great, this may not be a huge figure but it currently is to us. Thank you
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