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  1. UPDATE: Investigation by Shop Direct and Arrow Global (arrow formerly wescot.spv ltd). Arrow have asked their external provider I.N.D to apply to the court to have the order to attend on 17th feb to be adjourned. WG
  2. Haha no probs citizen b(we all have one of those days every now and again)
  3. Thanks citizen b i appreciate your advice.SA being posted early next week.
  4. Hi all. SAR has arrived from Shop Direct. It does confirm the last payment date of 9th march 2004 and it also confirms the *DSOLD 150408. Two things. It now appears that wescotspv/ind have lied when they said a payment had been received within the 6 years prior to the claim. And they also lied when they claim a cause of action had been sent out to me in 2006 because Shop Direct didnt sell the debt until 15th April 2008. Where do i stand now? Obviously i am going to apply for set aside what can i do about wescot spv/ind? Could i take action against them? Isnt misleading a court a criminal offence? I would greatly appreciate your advice. Many thanks.WG
  5. Hi andy.about the SAR it was Shop Direct that actioned the SAR. The letter i got yesterday proves that Ind lied when they claimed a payment was received within 6 years prior to the issuing of a claim.
  6. Many thanks dx.Should have the SAR soon(its been posted under plain cover) I appreciate all the advice you have all given me.will keep you all informed.
  7. I didnt even receive the default notice.the last payment was on 9th march 2004. Claim issued 9th august 2011.that makes the claim Statute Barred? Do you think i could get this Set Aside? Having had written confirmation from Shop Direct.Thanks dx.
  8. Hi.just to give you an update. Received letter from Shop Direct today. An investigation has been carried out and it appears that i had an account with Index Extra. According to the letter the account was opened on 13th march 2001. Payments were received on the account between 3rd may 2003-9th march 2004. The outsanding balance was £1449.89p. The account was transferred to Wescot on 15th April 2008. The account was then transferred to Arrow Global on 22nd march 2013. A SARS has been sent to me under plain cover. Its obvious now that ind are being economical with the truth as they claimed a payment had been paid 6 years prior to the issuing of a claim and how on earth can they say a 'cause of action' was sent out to me in september 2006 when Shop Direct didnt transfer the debt until 15th april 2008. somebody is lying me thinks. Any suggestions taking into account the new information supplied. many thanks. WG
  9. Did you look at the docs? Ind's contradiction? What are your thoughts? Could i get this default ccj set aside? Thanks.WG
  10. Hi all.here are the attachments and the letters from ind both letters from ind contradict each other.let me know your opinions.thanks.wg
  11. I put this thread separate to my other thread. I am struggling to get a coherent witness statement and defence statement i am finding it difficult to understand whats more important witness/defence? And how to get the words right and also should a defence be shorter or longer that a witness statement. I believe i have a genuine SB against the claimant and i am going to fight this as my order to attend court for questioning is on the 17th feb. I would appreciate any help time is running out. Many thanks.WG
  12. Hi.thankyou .ccj granted in my abscence 31st august 2011 (wasnt aware of claim/didnt receive claim forms) may 2012 couldnt attend court for questioning(mental health problems) court accepted this and order to attend was adjourned. December 2014 receive an N39 to attend court for questioning(17th feb 2015) December 2014 Find out alleged debt is Statute barred. Shop direct confirm final payment date 9th march 2004. Claim was issued by claimant on 9th August 2011.
  13. Hi all. I have to submit an N244 form to get a default ccj set aside and i am struggling to complete the witness statement and defence statement its all very confusing. Could any of you suggest advice on how to complete both of them the right way? -even a template would help. also what is the difference between the witness statement and defence(draft statement) i have to send both and i am running out of time. I would greatly appreciate your help and advice. Many Thanks.WG
  14. Shop Direct have confirmed the final payment date on this alleged debt(9th march 2004). They emailed me the final payment date just after christmas and they are also going to do me a SAR. how do I tackle ind? (another point that I want to raise) Many Thanks.WG
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